Saturday, 5 March 2011

Bully Writes ‘Accomplished’ On Facebook Page

By April Drew

2 April 2010 - An angry mother of a South Hadley High School students has spoken out about the bullying 15-year-old Irish girl, Phoebe Prince, encountered the last few days before she hanged herself.

The mother, who spoke on condition of anonymity to the Boston Herald for fear her daughter will get picked on, said the day Phoebe took her own life, one of the bullies wrote the cold word "accomplished” on Phoebe's Facebook page.

There is uproar between the Northeastern District Attorney's office and South Hadley school authorities.

School superintendent, Gus Sayer, has said the staff at the school only became aware of the bullying one week before Phoebe's death.

Northeastern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel said this is a lie.

In her criminal investigation - in which nine students from the school were charged in connection with the bullying -Scheibel said Phoebe's mother reported the harassment her daughter was suffering twice to school officials.

According to the mother, three days before Phoebe's death, a student confided in a staff member that someone had scratched Phoebe's face out of a class photo and drawn something obscene over it.

The staffer apparently took the picture down. 

“Phoebe had to go into that classroom and see that on one of the last days of her life,” said the woman.

Sayer said he was not aware of the obscene drawing. 

The mother also stated that another staff member was present when Phoebe was being verbally attacked while studying in the library the day of her death.

Scheibel said the staff member never reported the incident until after Phoebe's death. 

Sayer disputed this. 

“I don’t believe (the staffer) witnessed it,” he said. 

“There was a staff member present, but that person did not overhear those conversations.”

"Sweeping it under the rug," is what the mother calls it. 

"Eventually it’ll all go away. That’s their motto,” the mother said. 

A friend of Phoebe's, Sergio Loubriel, told the Globe he had made plans with Phoebe for the evening she hanged herself.

She planned to call to his house after her dinner. 

“In the hallways, people would give little smart remarks, just look at her funny like she had three eyes,” Loubriel said. 

He added that students called her a “slut” and an “Irish whore,” but Prince never discussed her worries with him.

“Right away they just jumped on her without even giving her a try,” Loubriel said.

In other related news, the anti-bullying hot line established a few weeks ago in the wake of Phoebe's death has been inundated with calls from students reporting bullying. 

The call flow has been extremely high with students reporting various types of bullying including nasty and obscene messages being posted to their Facebook accounts.


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