Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Ugly Truth

By Paula Renaye

This week I have been answering dating questions as one of a variety of experts for a relationship book that will be coming out soon. As I read through the questions, it became painfully obvious what answers people were wanting. I wasn’t surprised since I get that a lot in working with people in workshops and such. But there’s no way to soften the blow of truth—and I don’t want to. The sooner people face reality and deal with it, the sooner they’ll stop, well, to borrow and old line, looking for love in all the wrong places.

When someone asks, “What can I do to get him or her to like me?” I know the answer they want to hear is some variation of, “part your hair on the left, wear a blue shirt and click your heels together three times.”

I also know the very last thing they want to hear is the truth, which is what I tell them. And here it is: You have to like and be happy with yourself—you have to truly love and respect yourself—before you can expect anyone else to

If you just groaned or rolled your eyes, you’re probably in good company. The “you just have to love yourself” has become a bit of a cliché, not because it isn’t true, but because it is easier to dismiss it and look for an external magic bullet.

I watched The Ugly Truth the other night. It was panned by critics, but I enjoyed it. Yes, it was predictable, but since I’m always on the lookout for a good self improvement example, it worked for me.

When Katherine Heigl first met her neighbor the doctor, he wasn’t interested—not even a little. However, he fit the bill for what she was looking for so she went after him. And when she did what Gerard Butler told her to—hair extensions, particular clothes, act disinterested, say this, don’t say that—she got him. The tricks and the game worked.

The only teensy little problem was that she hadn’t gotten him honestly based on who she really was and therefore the relationship—if you can call it that—was doomed before it ever even started. She’d used superficial means to catch a superficial guy. He wasn’t looking for a deep relationship with deep conversations, he simply wanted a beautiful woman to parade around and have sex with that would hang on his every word. And there are plenty of women who would be happy with that scenario—she just wasn’t one of them. He didn’t need fixed so he’d be what she wanted, although that’s where it would have gone if the game had continued. They’d both be dissatisfied and have no clue why.

So, how do you not fall into that trap? When you start feeling anxious about a situation or don’t know what to do, here’s a simple question to ask yourself: Would a person with high self esteem and self respect do what I’m doing?

And here’s where the external comes in to play as well. Use these variations to keep yourself in check on the physical side: Would a person with high self esteem and self-respect wear what I’m wearing? Say what I’m saying? Take care of his self and his property in the way I do?

Clearly, if our movie heroine had used these questions, she’d have never gotten herself into the mess in the first place. She would have never considered turning herself inside out to try to attract someone who wasn’t interested in her. And in reality, it wasn’t really him she was attracted to it was his looks and his career.

The doctor’s instincts had been right from the beginning—she wasn’t his type—but with a little “this is what men want” coaching from Butler, she put on a mask and convinced him otherwise. Obviously, she figured all that out, and when she finally came clean and told him the truth about who she’d be pretending to be—the only time she’d ever been her true self with him—he was rightfully shocked and appalled.

If we could all just be our authentic selves from the beginning—which we would do automatically if we really liked ourselves—it would prevent a whole lot of relationship missteps and heartache.

And that’s the ugly truth.

Paula Renaye is a life transformation and empowerment speaker, certified professional life coach, regression hypnosis practitioner and multi-award-winning author. Her new release, The Hardline Self Help Handbook, is the winner of the Indie Excellence Finalist Award and the Readers Favorite Finalist Award. Visit for more information about this author.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sometimes We Must Wait

By Penny J

After 15 long months of separation, facing a particularly nasty custody battle and a soon to be ex-husband who was bent on 'making me pay' for wanting out of a bad marriage, our court date finally arrived. For months I had walked down my little country road, sometimes twice a day, and while I walked, I prayed. I prayed that God would bring us through this terrible time and that He would work it all out for the best for all of us.

During the hearing, my ex-husband testified that he had 'used' my oldest son, then 15, to spy for him, to take pictures when the house was messy and with three children, 15, 13 and 11, it was messy at times. He also testified that he 'interrogated' them on a regular basis and that he felt justified in doing so.

Ironically during those long months, I felt closer to God than I ever had before. I knew He was with me, walking by me on those long walks while I cried and talked to Him. Funny, during such a turbulent time, there was still such a peace. For whatever reason and even after hearing my ex-husband testify how he had used the kids, the judge stated that although neither parent was unfit, he had decided that my husband should have primary custody of the children.

I later found out that my oldest son was instrumental in letting the judge know this was the way he wanted it. It was the worst time of my life. I left the courthouse by myself and a friend met me and took me with him that afternoon so I would not be alone. I was devastated. I just knew God had forsaken me. I cried out to Him, "Why? If You're still here with me, I need to know. I need You to show me."

My friend had some errands to run and he just let me cry. There were no words to say. He went into a wood shop to see about some cabinets for a project he was working on. I sat in the car like feeling so alone and so sorry for myself when a man knocked at my window. The last thing I wanted to do was talk to anyone, much less a stranger.

The man told me he had overheard my friend asking about cabinets and wanted to let him know that he built cabinets. At the time I didn't stop to wonder why he didn't just walk back into the shop and talk to him for himself. He just handed me his business card and asked me to give it to him. I said I would.

I didn't even look at the card for awhile. When I did, to my amazement and wonder, I realized that God had just shown me He was still right there. The business card read "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint."

Monday, 29 August 2011

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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Frequent Traveller - Mumbai, India

By Pandora Poikilos

This is another Cathy Dixon moment from Frequent Traveller - my upcoming Fiction, Novel.

Mumbai, India
February 2009

With a resounding culture painted and weaved through the centuries by its locals, the brief rule of the Portugese and the widespread clutches of the British East India Company, Mumbai's growth in recent years has stunned the world if not its local people. To date it has become one of the top five most populated urban cities in the world and is India's richest city where economy and tourism are concerned. In 1947 when India was accorded independence from British rule this city was part of an area called Bombay State. Decades later, the Samyukta Maharashtra movement demanded a change of territory and the state of Maharashtra was created with the city of Bombay being made its capital capital. In 1995, at the insistence of the winning state party, the city was renamed to Mumbai to be 'cleansed' from all British rule. Mumbai is derived from Mumba which is the name of the Koli goddess Mumbadevi and Aai which means "mother" in the language of Marathi.

Indian cinema which has been making itself known to the rest of the world in the last decade is said to have been started in Mumbai. This has allowed it the popularity to nurture the most number of cinema halls than any other city in India which showcases local Marathi talent, Bollywood blockbusters and Hollywood movies. The Mumbai International Film Festival and the country's oldest award ceremony Filmfare Awards are now presented at the world's largest IMAX dome theatre in the Wadala neighbourhood of Mumbai. The city is also home to Asia’s largest theme water park, Water Kingdom which is a popular tourist destination alongside Essel World which is also an amusement park. Tucked away between majestic architectural wonders and colourful culture, MoonStar Mumbai is seen standing tall at 20 storeys high. With more than 300 rooms dedicated to business and family travellers, its lobby was always a bustle of activity just as it was today.

Cathy observed as some associates from banquet draped red satin on the pillars around the Marathi Ballroom. It was the wedding ceremony that would captivate many a local magazine and leave many a girl to dream of such luxury lapping at her feet. Local business tycoon Aravind Rakshit had earned his money the hard way, rags to riches. Brought up by his grandmother in a village after his parents had been killed in an accident, he had put himself through school and had started a freight shipping service literally with his bare hands. In two days, he would be giving away his only daughter in marriage and had made it clear to all involved parties that cost was no barrier. As long as the wedding was grand and his daughter was happy, he would be happy. The marriage had been arranged at Anu's birth almost 30 years ago to Anil, the son of his business partner. In all their lives Anu and her husband-to-be had met each other less than 10 times, each time watched and doted on by their loving families.

The last two weeks was probably the most time they couple had spent together. There would be temple ceremony in the morning and a wedding dinner at MoonStar Mumbai hosted by both families from 6pm to midnight. Both families were expecting at least 2000 people to attend the dinner and had specifically requested a large sitting area to be cordoned off at the lobby area should the hall get too congested or if their guests wanted to sit and chat outside the hall. Even guests staying at the hotel who were not participating in the wedding felt a glimmer of celebration.

Red and gold cloth hung in big waves through the lobby's high ceiling. The entrance of the Marathi Ballroom was adorned with a flower arch splashed with various blooms of all colours and sizes. The tables were lined with stainless plates and dishes, the centrepiece of each table was a decorative photo printout of the wedding couple. Cathy took one of these in her hand and traced the outline of the bride's face.

"Wishing you were her?" came the voice of George, the property's director of sales and marketing.

He was well past fifty but looked half his age, was well known for his popularity with the women folk and could talk his way into a potential customer's wallet as sure as a blazing fire could melt a spoon of butter.

"No way, just observing that's all," Cathy chuckled as she turned to face him.

"Oh come now, Cathy. You're hot and you know it. Even when you're all 'oh I'm the VP and I'm your boss', you'd make any man go wild for you," he responded cheekily staring into Cathy's face.

"I beg your pardon?," Cathy exclaimed as she stepped back not sure what he was getting at.

"That was just my absolutely cheeky way of telling you any man would be lucky to have and a downright fool to lose you," he laughed as he adjusted a few chair covers.

"So what do you think Corporate Cathy? Does it meet your approval?" he asked her pointing to the ballroom still bustling with banquet associates and a variety of clanging sounds from cutlery, plates and furniture.

"It's lovely. Really. And the amount of effort banquet has been putting in. I've been here three days and the way they have transformed the ballroom ... it's almost magical, and yes, absolutely impressive George. It is," Cathy said as she absorbed the decor.

The two of them stood back as the banquet team raised a huge red backdrop at the front of the ballroom with the couple's names on it surrounded by little hearts. It had been hand-stitched with sparkling sequins by the hotel's in-house tailor and added a further touch of splendour to the ballroom.

"Do you think you'll ever marry?' George asked Cathy.

Cathy took a deep breath. "Oh wow, I really don't know. Between work and everything else, I'm not sure if marriage will fit in just yet."

"Ah so there is someone. You had us all wondering for awhile. I've been to your office and there's no pictures. Rumour has it your apartment doesn't have pictures as well."

"What the hell is this?! The study group on my personal life?" Cathy jokingly demanded as she threw her head back and laughed.

"If you even have a personal life Corporate Cathy ... Na, it's just ... lets call it concerned office colleagues. And come on, show me one hotelier who minds his own business and I'll show you guest who never complaints."

"Oh stop it now. You always make me laugh," Cathy elbowed him. "What about you? Are you married?"

"Twice, both ended in the least amicable divorces. The first time she wanted loads of kids and the second time she thought I was too much of a kid. Now, I just live for myself and with a job that has running me amok for more than 16 hours a day, I think it's better that way."


"Come on then, let me show you the ice carvings we'll be putting on display. The artist said he'd leave me the drawings for me to look at. My communications team found this artist who gives you exquisite statues. You could even put them in museums, well if they didn't melt. Plus, he works really cheap so I'll have plenty of nice things to say about him."

Even as they walked towards a corner of the ballroom where banquet had placed the diagrams, there were loud voices behind them and they turned to see the bride, Anu walking in with her mother and a herd of relatives decked in more finery than the bride herself.

"Right, here we go … watch this Cathy. They are either going to change the table arrangements, look for chef to change the menu or add more guest rooms and ask for a further discount," he whispered to Cathy.

The mother of the bride saw him and rushed towards him. "George, we need more rooms. Please tell me you can give me a good rate."

“Madam Rakshit, I'd give the whole hotel to you for a good rate. Come, give me the details and I'll let my staff know," George said to her as he took her arm and winked at Cathy.

Cathy smiled to herself and continued to slowly pace through the ballroom. She saw George leave with one of the relatives presumably to finalise the room arrangement with front office as the bride seemed to be sitting at one of the tables listening to her mother talking to her with a sorrowful expression on her face. Madam Rakshit had a stern look on her face and was seen pointing at the backdrop.

"I do not love him Mama, I just do not!" Anu screamed and tried to get up from her seat.

Her mother pushed her down, "You listen to me Anu, we've spent a lot of time and money on this wedding. We didn't send you to school, pay for your university for you to fall in love with someone we do not approve of. You will marry Anil on Thursday and that is final!"

Anu got up and ran in the direction of the main door but not before her mother grabbed the sleeve of her dress.

"Anu, I will slap you! You ingrate! You are so old, as it is nobody else wants you. Anil is doing us a favour by keeping his promise to us and to his family."

Cathy looked around the room. The banquet team could not have disappeared any faster. Some of their relatives were standing around the weeping bride while others were calming down her mother.

"You are not my daughter if you do not marry Anil, you hear me?!!" screamed the bride's mother even louder than before.

George walked in as soon as he had heard the commotion from outside and wanted to make sure banquet had not screwed up any specific requirements the family had made about the wedding dinner. He assessed the situation and realised it was not at all work related. He grabbed Cathy's arm and motioned for her to leave the room with him.

"Come now Corporate Cathy, let's go have a cuppa while they sort their difference out, nothing else we can do here."

Cathy walked out with him but was more than a little curious as to how the episode would end. "Do you think it'll go on? The wedding, I mean."

"Sure it will. Then in 10 years they'll end up hating each other or he'll end up having a string of affairs she'll pretend to know nothing about. Old story. Or they'll learn to make the best of the situation and find love where there is none. I really don't know."

"Wow, look who's all poetic. Next, you'll be telling me you run a relationship column in some magazine," Cathy raised an eyebrow at George.

"Not a chance. I just know people from both camps, equally disastrous and equally happy. One family I know, both their sons had wonderfully happy love marriages which ended in nasty divorces in less than five years with one son almost losing custody of his daughter and their daughter had an arranged marriage which is now going into its 12th year. I'm really not sure what to think."

"I guess. Come to think of it, King Henry VIII and his fourth wife Anne of Cleves had an arranged marriage. Although, King Henry was so upset that the artist impression was nothing like the real woman he ended up dissolving the marriage within hours. Not to mention Marilyn Monroe's first marriage when her guardian arranged for her to be married instead of being sent back to foster care. Different situations. But then again, these days I think it comes back to family honour. Do you stay because you have to or go because you want to?" Cathy wondered out loud as the screaming match from earlier replayed in her head.

"Remind me again, how we got on to this topic? At this point, I swear I'll make sure Anu gets married even if I have to personally carry her on my back to the temple and to the dinner. We've already bought tonnes of ice for carvings and all those props have hours of work put into them, the deposit they've paid will barely cover the food ... ha ... and try telling chef nobody's going to be eating his lamb briyani for 2000 people. Trust me, the wedding's going to happen."

Cathy chuckled and slowly sipped her tea. She noticed a front office associate making his way to their table at the coffee house and knew that she would soon have other things to keep her occupied. He held a brown envelope in his hand that she was certain had her name on it.

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By Pandora Poikilos

I wish I could say we'd all go through life meeting this person only once. Unfortunately, this breed type is so rampantly found, they'll have you feeling like you slipped on a banana peel. You didn't see it coming and yet there you are, embarrassingly sprawled on the floor feeling absolutely stupid. What is a frienemy?

These are the friends who give you absolute assurance that with friends like them, you just don't need enemies. Through chance meetings, mutual acquaintances or just from sitting in their comfort zones, a frienemy will stay with you for a variety of reasons.

These are people, who whether they will admit it or not, have a deep desire for some sort of validation. Be it emotional, physical, sexual or materialistic they cannot function without having to be with someone who is able to provide them with benefits in one way or another. So, when these benefits run out (as it often will) they will sell you out in a heartbeat.

You are only considered a friend when your benefits to them and for them outweigh the benefits they gain by putting you down. Because they are so called 'friends', of course at some point privacy walls are let down and they've been allowed into your life and some information has been given while other bits have been left unspoken or uncovered.

Once they have moved on and are with their new set of 'friends', they'll revel in spewing out every assumption they can about you. The more information they can share, gain, buy and sell, the better. Some might be exaggerated versions of the truth and others might be blatant lies but when it's all mixed up like that, don't waste your time trying to make sense of it.

Frienemies are also this special breed that seem to think they have every right to bring someone down because they feel rewarded in some way but fail to realise two things. One - (cough, cough) they are no where close to being perfect and two - what goes around, comes around. It may take awhile, but then somehow, it always does.

Yes, frienemies are a special (common, but special) breed of people that come wrapped in the tinseldust of friendship and invisible wrapping paper called betrayal. These are the people you desire to stay away from but cannot learn about trust until you've met at least one or two of them. The sweeter their assurances of friendship, the deeper you'll feel the wounds of betrayal.

But, frienemies teach you a very important lesson. They point you in the directions of the real friends who stay when the rest of the world walk out and they show you, painfully but surely, that at the end of the day what really matters most is that, it isn't what the world thinks about you, it really is what you think of yourself.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Google Pays $500M Fine

Even Google is held accountable for its actions in the virtual world, enough said.

Sourced from
NY Post

Google agreed to pay $500 million to settle a US government probe into its distribution of online ads from Canadian pharmacies illegally selling prescription drugs to Americans.

The settlement means Google will not face criminal prosecution, officials said. Google said it shouldn’t have allowed Canadian pharmacies to market prescription drugs to Americans.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Who Are You Under Pressure?

By Paula Renaye

One way to bring out the best—or the worst—in each of us is to put us under pressure.

Some pressures push us to go beyond what we believed possible—to do what we never imagined we could. Others leave us curled in the corner sucking our thumbs. Still others unleash parts of ourselves we never knew existed—and wish didn’t.

So, the question is, which one is the “real” you? Are you the courageous amazing person who accomplished the impossible? Stayed calm when others panicked? Turned away out of fear? Or the one who came completely uncorked and blew like a geyser, spewing forth the unimaginable?

The answer is obvious—they all are parts of whole self. Some aspects we consciously tend to—and work hard to put a pretty face on. Others are unacknowledged “shadow” sides that crop up and catch us unaware.

And here’s the kicker to it all. When we aren’t being our authentic selves consciously, the pressure builds subconsciously, and eventually all that internal conflict is going to reach a pop-off point.

We can go for years, ignoring the twinges that tell us things are not okay. We may not be happy, but we’re going along and it’s manageable. However, when external pressure is applied—such as from a financial, career, health or personal crisis—it’s like putting all the internal conflict into a pressure cooker and cranking up the fire.

The resentment and anger that’s been brewing for years is going to redline that dial and it isn’t going to be pretty when it comes out.

So, what do you do to avoid an explosion or implosion?

It’s simple: don’t ignore the twinge. Even if it’s uncomfortable—and it is or you wouldn’t want to ignore it—deal with it right then and there. It may not be pleasant, but it will be a whole lot worse if you let it build up.

Life turns up the heat on us from time to time—that’s just life. When you’re true to yourself—when you’re authentically you—you aren’t pretending to be someone you’re not, nor are you pretending that things are okay when they really aren’t, and that keeps the lid off the pressure cooker.

Side Note: I have to share that The Hardline Self Help Handbook has just won the Global eBook Finalist Award, adding to awards from Readers Favorite and the National Indie Excellence Book Awards. Self Help is a really big pond and to be honored with these awards is amazing and humbling.

Paula Renaye is the author of the multi-award-winning Hardline Self Help Handbook. For practical and useable techniques to kick your life in to high gear, visit for more information about this author.

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It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's ...

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

The Power Of Acceptance
By Pandora Poikilos

Some things were said about me today. I was told that I had no goals in life having accomplished so little with so many mistakes, I used my brain condition (IIH) to get away with everything in life and that I was lazy making life difficult and costly for others. I listened quietly for as much as I could and in the end exploded, "I'm not perfect but neither are you!" Interestingly enough this person's response was, "I know I am perfect".

This from the same person who some months ago put an egg in the microwave, washed her face with feminine wash because she 'forgot' to read the label and uses a doormat as the tablecloth for her coffee table. But yes, I am imperfect. I don't need to be told. And guess what, so is each and everyone of you reading this.

What bothered me the most about this scenario was that this person was incapable of realising her own faults. It was as though she lived in a house with no mirrors, she could not see who she was but was adamant in judging others.

I stress on acceptance, a lot. Love and acceptance go very much hand in hand. You cannot love someone if at first you do not accept them. If you think otherwise, you're due for a wake-up call. The combination of love and acceptance represents unconditional love. Everyone needs it, many crave for it and yet, only a few are able to offer it.

For years, I sort the acceptance of others. Like a wounded puppy roaming the streets, I went from stranger to stranger in the hopes of a kind word or a gentle pat, always coming away more wounded than I was before. When someone else accepts you, you become enriched and you are comforted in the knowledge that you have someone to lean on. Then, I learnt something else more powerful. Self-acceptance.

I learnt this lesson the hard way but in the best way possible - when I was left with nothing and no one but a few close friends. No distractions pulled me away from the face in the mirror, no one whispered sweet nothings in my ear. I saw a face in the mirror and I could do two things, accept it and revel or run and be delusional.

And so I am now even more certain - until every corner of my house is clean, every sheet washed and every piece of silver polished telling someone else they have a dirty window is probably a reflection of my own dirty habits.

I leave you with a quote from one my favourite authors of all time, Richard Bach.
We wait all these years to find someone who understands us, I thought, someone who accepts us as we are, someone with a wizard's power to melt stone to sunlight, who can bring us happiness in spite of trials, who can face our dragons in the night, who can transform us into the soul we choose to be. Just yesterday I found that magical Someone is the face we see in the mirror: It's us and our homemade masks.
Love and light, always.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Remedial Self Help - The Secret Before The Secret

By Paula Renaye

Have you ever felt like you were balancing on the edge of a razor blade with no good way off? That no matter what you did—or didn’t do—it was going to hurt—badly?

I have. And I literally spent years tied up in knots, not knowing what to do about it. During those dark times, I worked with a lot of books and programs and I learned a lot. Some things did get better, but I just couldn’t get to great—and it really bothered me. It seemed as though everyone else was getting it. So, what was I doing wrong? What was wrong with me?

The movie The Secret was, and is, one of my favorites. It truly inspired me and I was ready to do anything to get The Law of Attraction working for me. I diligently took notes on what I needed to do to align myself with all the good stuff I wanted in my life. I was ready for what I wanted to want me!

But just because I understood the concept intellectually—and was inspired by all the miraculous stories of manifested success in the movie and elsewhere—it didn't mean that I could instantly make things work that way in my life.

I knew what I was supposed to do, but I was still stuck. And besides that, I didn't really know what I wanted to manifest. If someone ever asked me what I wanted, I simply went blank—I didn't really know what I wanted my life to be like.

I knew what it had looked like and what I’d been trained that it should look like, but was that really want I wanted?

Or, more accurately, I was afraid to really let myself think about what I wanted. Because if I did, I knew some things in my life would have to change—things that I di.

That's really why I wrote The Hardline Self Help Handbook—to help people who are in the same boat I was, people who feel stuck and yet are afraid to be un-stuck—people who need to know the secrets before The Secret.

For me, before any serious manifesting could take place, I had to figure out why it wasn't already. It seemed like I was doing the "right" things, but I was still miserable. Why?

What I eventually realized was that no matter what I consciously said I wanted to do, there was something else controlling what I was going to do. My conscious and subconscious operating systems were operating from two vastly different scripts—one I didn't even know about—and it was keeping me stuck in confusion and misery.

The Hardline Self Help Handbook is the book I needed. It gives readers a roadmap out of the muck. Yes, it takes effort—you have to answer the questions honestly—but if you will, you can figure out how to create the life you truly want. For me, that meant that I had to do the very last thing I wanted to do—the one thing my subconscious programming was convinced would kill me. And yet, doing that—and changing the old belief system attached to it—was the only way I could find joy and happiness.

Now, all that said, it doesn't mean that my life didn't look good, it did. It doesn't mean I didn't seem happy, I did. But that wasn't the real picture.

In fact, as odd as it may seem, my "therapy" books were actually my mystery novels that I started writing almost 20 years ago—I write fiction under Paula Boyd and have won a literary award on that side of the fence as well. But as humorous as they are—and some people say they are hysterically so—they were a safe way for me to venture into my past and my old fearful programming.

In my fictional world, I could dabble bits of my own traumas onto the stage and allow my characters to say, think and feel things that I couldn't. I could also make things "right" in some way—at least in my mind.

In presentations, I usually joke that fiction is a great way to deal with anybody who every did you wrong because you can just kill them—slowly and painfully if necessary. It generally gets a laugh because we can all relate to having those kinds of thoughts—if only for a second.

Now, it never actually worked out for me to follow through on my evil plans--I've never fictionally killed a real life "villain" in one of my books. Oh, I set out with plenty of homicidal intentions, but that's why it was therapeutic—by the time I worked through the underlying garbage of why I wanted to, I didn't need to anymore.

Again, that's why I wrote Hardline. I wanted to give others a shortcut out of the pain that I stayed stuck in for way too long. I wanted to give people a way to clear the path so the principles in The Secret can work.

In truth, there are no secrets. We all know these things. We know what to do. Most of us just won’t take the time to do it.

So, here’s my challenge to you—and it’s also the subtitle of the book—What are you willing to do to get what you really want?

Take the time to uncover your own secrets and live your joy!

NOTE: My book launch tour is ending in just a few days and so is the chance to win an iPod Shuffle, and Starbucks gift cards, books, and more. There’s also a ton of free Bonus Material if you buy the book during the tour. Check it out! CONTEST PAGE:

Paula Renaye is a life transformation and empowerment speaker, certified professional life coach, regression hypnosis practitioner and multi-award-winning author. Her new release, The Hardline Self Help Handbook, is the winner of the Indie Excellence Finalist Award and the Readers Favorite Finalist Award. Visit for more practical tips on living healthy and happy in all areas of life.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Frequent Traveller - Antigua, Carribean

By Pandora Poikilos

This is another Cathy Dixon moment from Frequent Traveller - my upcoming Fiction, Novel.
Antigua, Carribean
October 2007

Located in the Leeward Islands of the Carribean region, Antigua is well known for its rustic tourist charm. Its native name is Wadadli but was named Antigua which means 'ancient" in Spanish in 1493 by Christopher Columbus. With a population of more than 80,000 people, it is estimated that more than 30,000 of them live in the capital, St.John's. Between its first occupants, the Arawaks and the Europeans, Antigua has led a very colourful past which has now made it one of the most luxury escapes sold on a travel brochure. It has gained international recognition for its highest peak Mount Obama, international yachting and sailing competitions with cruise ships being allowed to dock all year round, sport fishing, kitesurfing and even hosted the 2005 Cricket World Cup. Aside from these recognised sports it has in recent years achieved the popularly unpopular title of hosting "illegal online gambling".

This is however a very subjective view shared by all parties concerned. The United States is adamant that offshore gambling cannot be allowed to protect its citizen while Antigua stands proud in being the first country to legalise online gambling and has had its arguments backed by the World Trade Organisation. Caught between such beauty and such conflict, lies the exclusive MoonStar Antigua which houses 20 villas designed with guest privacy in mind. Each villa is tucked away between its own garden and plush greenery with the next villa located at least 10 minutes apart. A spacious rain shower, a massage corner and a private swimming pool at the back of each villa add to the luxurious feel of a guest's stay. It is on one particularly windy night that we see a shadow creeping down the path towards one of the villas. He rustles the grass looking for a key and creeps in the main door.

Thomas Clarke stood at the bedroom doorway breathing in the sight before him. Dressed casually in a white v-neck t-shirt and stonewash blue jeans, his six feet two inches frame cast a shadow in the room. It was late at night or early in the morning depending on how you looked at it. The room had a blended scent of vanilla, strawberries, lavender and a tinge of oranges. The creamy sheets were a mess as though someone had found it difficult to make a decision to sleep with or without the sheets and quite literally beauty lied within it.

Dressed in her usual night attire of cotton shorts and a t-shirt which covered very little and exposed even more, her red hair tumbled all around her. She was sound asleep and yet her brow crinkled and her lips were curved in a smile.

"Did she ever switch that brain of hers off ..." Thomas muttered to himself.

He slowly approached the bed, his one finger pointedly touching her shoulder.

"Hey you," a sleepy voice mumbled through the sheets.

"Hey," he replied as he pulled of his jeans and started to get into bed.

"What happened?! I waited for like forever and then got tired."

"Yea, I'm sorry sweets. I lost my bag and then got held up at customs and then had problems getting a ride but look on the bright side, you said to make sure nobody saw me getting in, at this hour no one was about."

Cathy laughed softly as she sat up and looked at him. It had been months since had seen his familiar face. Now, facing him she saw the lines around his eyes, his tired smile and the stubble on his chin, he was the very description of what one would call a weary traveller.

"I have missed you so much,you know," he said in a loud whisper. His eyes roaming on the figure in front of him as he reached out for her.

"Oh Tom Tom, I have missed you too," she threw herself into his arms and placed her head on his chest.

"It has been months hasn't it." She sighed. "My safest place in the world."

He kissed her forehead and breathed in her scent. He might be her safest place in the world but she was his life and he wondered if she would ever realise that she was his living breath.

"Cat, listen ... I love you. You know that but you need to start being open with me. After all this time, trust me a little even if you cannot trust all of me. I'm on your side and it's been years Cat since IT happened. You need to start talking."

He felt her grow tense but held her tightly as he buried his face in her hair. He gently kissed her forehead and her face, small kisses filled with hope that he would be her everything as she was to him. The smell of her shampoo, mandarins clutching at his nostrils flooding him with longing more than ever. How was it even possible to love someone with such intensity and yet know so little?

And still as she looked up at him with those big almond shaped eyes, he knew he would settle for a spoonful of her even if he could not have the entire helping. That was the Cathy Dixon way, "have me in small portions or risk never seeing me again."

"What if I tell you and they come to hurt you? I would never be able to live with myself. Why do you always need everything, Thomas? Why can't you just be content with that I give?! It is always more and more with you.

Even in the dim light, he could see Cathy's face flash and change to a colour that matched the fiery red of her hair as she got out of bed. Thomas stood up to face her, looking down at her eyes now filled with turmoil.

"Hon, listen don't cut me out ... I am on your side. But cut me a little slack ... that's all I'm asking. You are the woman I love! And I won't let you shut me out forever. I see you once every three months. No phone conversations, random emails. And when I do see you, we stay inside without making an effort to talk about what we need to talk about. I know something terrible happened all those years ago when they arrested you but you need to talk to me or to someone, just please, spill it out. Tell me what happened, please.

Looking up, all Cathy saw was pain. As tears welled up in both their eyes, she put his arms around his neck and pulled him towards, holding on as tightly as she could.

"I'm so sorry. Hold me, please. They said anyone who knows will be dealt with. And I ..."

"Shush, I didn't mean to push. I am tired and hungry, maybe some food might set the mood straight? Tom Tom's breakfast special."

They separate but Cathy continued to lean on his shoulder, nodded her head and they made their way into the villa's kitchenette. Thomas started to ransack the fridge as she slowly sat herself at the counter and watched him. She wondered how life can be so simple and yet so complicated all at the same time. They had grown up in the same neighbourhood. Their families had been friends even before they were born. They were born one day apart. From cycling to gawky high school pictures, they grew up with each other and then 12 years ago, everything changed.

She decided to put an end to a family secret she could no longer keep. He came to her rescue in more ways than one and a childhood friendship grew into an adult romance filled with twists and turns far worse than a climb up Mount Everest.

Cathy clasped her hands together and slowly started, "They said I am free for as long as I keep doing what they want but the day I say no or I screw up, they will have me thrown back into my cell. And on some days, I think that is where I deserve to be. After all, I did kill him."

Thomas glanced up from the eggs he was beating.

"Yea, you killed the animal who forgot what it was to protect and shared you with his friends while telling the world he was God's answer to mankind."

He saw her face become twisted with pain as he felt the colour in his cheeks rising too.

"I'm sorry but I just don't understand it. Even after all this time ... How did nobody see it or realise what was happening? You were just a child, we both were."

The eggs in the bowl were on their way to becoming the most well-beaten eggs anyone would ever see as Thomas lashed out his fury at the past.

He vividly remembered that night, 12 years ago when she had shown up at his house. Her t-shirt drenched in blood, knife in her hand. They were to be celebrating their 15th birthdays in a week but at that moment, he did not see the girl he grew up with. He saw a woman thrown towards desperation and lost between love and hate. His parents had sent him to his room. There was a long silence and loud whispers before the sound of police sirens broke into the night.

Her mother had been away on one of her many world saving crusades. Cathy could no longer take her father forcing himself on her and when he came to her bed that night, she drove a knife straight through his chest. It didn't matter that he had been doing it to her since she was six or that he had even had his friends do it to her, all the legal system saw was a deranged teenager who had killed her father and because they were foreigners who lived in a country that did not look too kindly on "children who planned to kill their parents" . His parents, also foreigners found it exceedingly difficult to get Cathy any kind of help. For more than seven years, they knew close to nothing of what had happened to her.

His letters to her were returned, unopened and he was never allowed to visit. Prison officials said it was high security, he sensed something else was going on and it terrified him. But without proof and given the assurance that she was alive and well, there was little he could do. His parents eventually moved away to seek solace from their retirement, he could not bring himself to leave in the hopes that one day, he would have the answers he wanted to the night that changed both their lives and more than anything, he would be able to see her. And then one day, it happened.

As he made his way home from work, late one night, he instantly recognised the familiar tumble of red hair standing in his doorway.

She had aged more than she was supposed to and looked as if all the energy in her had been knocked out and yet, there still appeared to be this sense of strength that nothing would be able to stand in her way. Her eyes were fiery as she hugged him.

He remembered asking her so many questions and she told him they "had reached a deal". She said very little else other than the fact that part of the deal was a name change, a job within the popular hotel chain MoonStar and that they would check up on her occasionally. Just the mere sight of her was one he never ever wanted to lose again. Falling in love was never difficult with Cathy and he knew healing would be a long journey but one he would gladly take with her and so here they were ...

Cathy trying to find the words to speak and not relive her past, him falling in love with her all over again, and more if that was even possible.

To read other Cathy Dixon moments, please click HERE.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Blog-A-Licious Directory Special Feature - Marie Crist

Citizen Out by Marie Crist
In the first installment of The Citizen Chronicles series, Citizen Out, Marie Crist introduces her readers to the personalities and the mission of the ARC organization, both through a new couple’s Linkinvitation to join the fight for justice and through the mind of a killer who the group has in their crosshairs. In an artful integration of action and emotion, Crist creates a work that keeps you turning the pages and personally investing in the success of the mission.
Buy Citizen Out @ Amazon
Read more about Marie Crist at |
Hot Spot!/mariecristbooks

Want to be featured like this? Join the Blog-A-Licious Directory 2012 (Chocolate Dream listing) and stand a chance to win a Kindle.

Take a peep at the other listings, HERE

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Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour 7

Join Me!
Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour

Come join us on a fantastic blog hop that brings together bloggers of all genres, backgrounds and locations.

Tour Date - Saturday, 13 August
Theme - Fame or Fortune ... Which Would You Prefer?

Want to join in the fun? Here's what you need to do ...
1. Leave your blog link at the bottom of this post.
2. Write an article or post a photo relevant to the theme on YOUR blog. If your post is not up by Saturday 12.00 noon (GMT), your link will be removed from this list.
2. Introduce the blog before you and the blog after you.
3. Visit as many of the listed blogs as you can, if not in one day you can do a few a day? Make a comment, follow, join.
4. If you are having a giveaway or a competition this would be the time to showcase your hot stuff. This is not compulsory, it is up to you.
5. This is open to all bloggers, writers, authors, publishers. All we ask is that you have a blog, be able to post as per the weekly theme, have a comment system that works and have F-U-N.
6. The tour is limited to 20 bloggers.
7. BUT, we will be doing it every two weeks. Next blog tour is on 27 August, to sign up click H

Fun tips to make it work
1. Tweet it (#blogalicious), Stumble it and share it any way you can. Tweet me @pandorapoikilos
2. Not all of us are on the same time zone so try to have your post up by Friday night your time. This way it'll be ready for when people come to visit you.
3. Giveaways and competitions are not compulsory, it is up to you.
4. Even if you can't visit all the blogs in one day, spread it over the weekend or even the week.
5. If there is anything you need, email me -

Fame or Fortune ... Which Would You Prefer?

Today's post is in conjunction with the Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour 7 a fantastic blog hop that brings together bloggers of all genres, backgrounds and locations. In today's hop, the blog featured Linkbefore Peace from Pieces is Dilman. The blog featured after Peace from Pieces is Reiza. Do stop by and say hello and enjoy the tour with us. Click HERE for a full list of participating blogs.

By Pandora Poikilos

The adage "you'll never know the value of what you have until you don't have it anymore" is the pure truth. So as much as we would like to avoid the complexities of loss, it is only through loss that we become rich. If I had to pick fame or fortune, I would pick fortune. But only the kind of fortune I am blessed with now, the kind that will keep you rich beyond your lifetime as you pay it forward. What am I on about? Here are a list of my fortunes.

My sight. I was diagnosed with IIH when it was found that I had double vision in my right eye. For weeks I was dazed, helpless and even clueless. Simple tasks such as reading and walking were a force to be reckoned with. These days even after a VP shunt my eyes are carefully monitored and is a treasure I can never put a price on.

My writing. Yes, I have a published book with number two on its way. While I look forward to making this work and to be successful, it is not the material that counts as much as the skill that is able to grow. And for this, I am grateful. Add to this a publisher and an editor who think of you as a person and not as another piece of paper they need to be done with, I am far richer than most writers I know.

My memories. It has been decades since my first article was published in a local paper and yet I know of only one person who has clippings of my early articles. It isn't the recognition that is the fortune, it is the thought that someone thinks your achievements count and allows you a sense of recollection. One of the famous kickbacks of IIH is that one can be prone to memory lapses. I have had several episodes where I have been barely able to remember where I live but to have the ability to hold on to your memories and have someone else nudge you along, that is yet another fortune.

People. I have been blessed with some of the worst characters the world can ever spit out. And yes, I say I am blessed to have met them because if I had not met them I would never understand the three great fortunes any other person can bring into my life and that is love, trust and acceptance. The sheer relieve of hearing someone say, "it's ok to screw up, we'll love you anyway", that is a whole bankroll of fortune right there. These are the people you'll look upon and with absolute certainty smile in the knowledge that God does send angels to be with you.

And last but certainly not least, my biggest fortune is life. For everyday, I do not spend in a hospital, with a needle stuck into my spine or with the certainty that my shunt is about to fail and brain surgery will come knocking on my door again, I am rich in blessings and life.

I wish you all fortunes and blessings for years to come. Love and light.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Break Point Pain and Choice - Book Tour Giveaway!

By Paula Renaye

"No matter how much I protest, I am totally responsible for everything that happens to me in my life." Author Unknown

Today I went to a restaurant where I am a "regular." That means I don't have to order—they know what to bring to the table before I even sit down. Nothing mystical or magical about that, of course, but over time I have observed the "magical" connection between the topics of conversation of one woman who works there and what is manifesting in her life. It is not good.

She is terribly unhappy and feels trapped—trapped in her job, in her relationship and in a foreign world. Her experiences reflect her fears, beliefs and complaints, and there is a new dire and tragic situation almost every time I see her. She is frustrated and confused, and what she really wants is for someone to fix things for her—fix everything. She hasn't said that, of course, I can just tell in that "takes one to know one" kind of way.

She feels victimized and is convinced that there is no way out. She believes that no matter what she does, she will never get ahead. Anyone who heard her stories would be stunned at what she faces each week and would feel quite sympathetic. I too have compassion for her situation, but sympathy is not what she needs. What she needs is to be able to see a way out. And in order to see a way out of her pain, she has to see how she created it and is keeping herself in it—a tall order.

It does not escape me that I wrote The Hardline Self Help Handbook for people exactly like my restaurant friend. She could so easily use a few simple strategies to start making positive changes, but she's just not quite ready to embrace the idea that anything in her life is a result of her choices. I have gently encouraged her to consider different ways of looking at situations, but she pretends to not understand—and it has nothing to do with the fact that English is not her native language. She simply doesn't want to hear it—it's still easier to be a victim.

What I know, but can't tell her, is that unless she starts doing something differently, things are going to keep "going wrong" for her. And, her recent bouts of physical issues—her body's way of telling her something must change—will also get worse, much worse, until she's forced to make changes. In fact, today, she told me of how she'd fallen in the cooler on the slippery concrete floor—it was the third time.

At some point, her pain will manifest in a way that will—in one way or another—become unbearable and she'll reach her personal break point, either mentally or on a concrete floor. It's a place we all have to get to in our own ways. Then, she'll either make changes or she'll become resigned to helplessness and hopelessness, sad and bitter, blaming everyone and everything for the way things are.

I hope she'll make the changes soon, but, as we know, it will only happen when she's ready. When the pain of staying stuck becomes greater than the fear of making different choices, she'll take action. When she realizes that she is only one who can fix her life, she will take responsibility for her choices and start thinking and acting in ways that empower her. Only then will she be able to see all the possibilities that she does have and start charting a course toward the life she really wants—the life we all want—one of happiness and joy.

If you're in pain, do something about it now. Don't wait until your back is against the wall or you're in the fetal position on the floor. Find the courage now to do what you already know deep down that you need to. Demand better for yourself than staying in unnecessary pain.

Take charge of your life and live your joy!

Paula Renaye is a life transformation speaker, coach, regression hypnosis practitioner and author of the multi-award-winning Hardline Self Help Handbook. Stop by the website for Book Tour contest giveaways prizes!

Title Information
Category: Self Help/Personal Development
Title: The Hardline Self Help Handbook
Subtitle: What Are You Willing to Do to Get What You Really Want?
Author: Paula Renaye
Publisher: Diomo Books (
Pages: 168
Format, ISBN, Price:
Trade Paperback (6 x 9) ISBN 0-9674786-5-0 Price: $19.95
(See publisher website for discount codes through one seller.)
eBook (most formats available): $9.99
Kindle ASIN: B004XNKDB6; Smashwords ISBN 0-9674786-7-7)
Companion Workbook (Printable PDF) $7.95 ISBN 0-9674786-8-5
available through Diomo

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And The Winners Are ...

for Pandora's Twitter Summer
($5 voucher)
- Andrea I

for Pandora's Summer
(2x $5 vouchers)
- G Bailey

I have sent you both emails, please respond within the next 48 hours
(before 12 August) to claim your vouchers.

To everyone else, thank you so much for taking the time to
drop by and for participating.
Don't forget that there is another ongoing giveaway,
"Cathy's Secret" at the right side bar
AND another one coming in September.
Love and light.

Monday, 8 August 2011


Here is something else I am honoured to be a part of. One blogger sharing his childhood memories with 100 others blogs and their readers. Truly spectacular!

By Martin King

We all have memories that we can recall from yesteryear, some huge and some miniscule – but then there are others. What do I mean... others? Well we all remember going to the zoo or being smacked, these are our memories we recall at the drop of a hat. But then they are others that aren’t really about us, they were about how we lived...the little things.

As I tell my stories, I try to keep it in line where possible to the author’s website, so it doesn’t look out of place. As I was reading Pandora’s (or not Pandora), I came across the fact that she liked coco pops. Suddenly a faint memory flickered inside of me. The memory of cereal!

“They’re tasty, tasty, very very tasty, they’re very tasty.” Do you remember the little jingle of Kellogg’s cornflakes? Or what about Tony the Tiger shouting “...they’re great!” for frosties. Then there was the advert for ready break showing two boys walking to school glowing. But then we don’t have winters like that anymore and most kids don’t have to walk to school.

Can you eat three shredded wheat? My particular favourite was golden nuggets. I loved them. You must have a favourite. Let’s not go too far back, what about Kellogg’s pop tarts? Do they still make them?

Another classic was weetabix. I remember having them in a bowl and pouring half a pot of sugar on each one. But another thing we did with them was eat them raw. We called them ‘weetabix things.’ My mother would put some butter and jam on and we would eat them as a snack before we went to bed and for those of you reading this blog in England, you will know what I mean when I say ‘for supper.’

So what was or still is for that matter your favourite cereal?

These blogs are all about fun and sharing. Thank you for reading a ‘#100blogfest’ blog. Please follow this link to find the next blog in the series:

Win An Amazon Voucher ... Or Two

Stand a chance to win
2 vouchers ($5 each)
from now till 8 August 2011

To stand a chance of winning ONE voucher
- Must follow @pandorapoikilos on Twitter
- Email with the subject "Pandora's Twitter Summer"

To stand a chance of winning TWO vouchers
- Must follow @pandorapoikilos on Twitter
- Must "Like" Facebook page (Peace from Pieces)
- Email with the subject "Pandora's Summer"

What you need to know ...
- Winners will be picked at random
- Winners will be announced on 10 August 2011 at Peace from Pieces, you will have 48 hours to acknowledge receipt.
- Vouchers are valid for only
- Terms and conditions of the voucher are as per

This Summer Giveaway Hop is organised by two very Blog-A-Licious blogs, I Am A Reader Not A Writer & Book Hounds and there are loads of giveaways happening so do come join us and check out the other 300++ participating blogs HERELink

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