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Break Point Pain and Choice - Book Tour Giveaway!

By Paula Renaye

"No matter how much I protest, I am totally responsible for everything that happens to me in my life." Author Unknown

Today I went to a restaurant where I am a "regular." That means I don't have to order—they know what to bring to the table before I even sit down. Nothing mystical or magical about that, of course, but over time I have observed the "magical" connection between the topics of conversation of one woman who works there and what is manifesting in her life. It is not good.

She is terribly unhappy and feels trapped—trapped in her job, in her relationship and in a foreign world. Her experiences reflect her fears, beliefs and complaints, and there is a new dire and tragic situation almost every time I see her. She is frustrated and confused, and what she really wants is for someone to fix things for her—fix everything. She hasn't said that, of course, I can just tell in that "takes one to know one" kind of way.

She feels victimized and is convinced that there is no way out. She believes that no matter what she does, she will never get ahead. Anyone who heard her stories would be stunned at what she faces each week and would feel quite sympathetic. I too have compassion for her situation, but sympathy is not what she needs. What she needs is to be able to see a way out. And in order to see a way out of her pain, she has to see how she created it and is keeping herself in it—a tall order.

It does not escape me that I wrote The Hardline Self Help Handbook for people exactly like my restaurant friend. She could so easily use a few simple strategies to start making positive changes, but she's just not quite ready to embrace the idea that anything in her life is a result of her choices. I have gently encouraged her to consider different ways of looking at situations, but she pretends to not understand—and it has nothing to do with the fact that English is not her native language. She simply doesn't want to hear it—it's still easier to be a victim.

What I know, but can't tell her, is that unless she starts doing something differently, things are going to keep "going wrong" for her. And, her recent bouts of physical issues—her body's way of telling her something must change—will also get worse, much worse, until she's forced to make changes. In fact, today, she told me of how she'd fallen in the cooler on the slippery concrete floor—it was the third time.

At some point, her pain will manifest in a way that will—in one way or another—become unbearable and she'll reach her personal break point, either mentally or on a concrete floor. It's a place we all have to get to in our own ways. Then, she'll either make changes or she'll become resigned to helplessness and hopelessness, sad and bitter, blaming everyone and everything for the way things are.

I hope she'll make the changes soon, but, as we know, it will only happen when she's ready. When the pain of staying stuck becomes greater than the fear of making different choices, she'll take action. When she realizes that she is only one who can fix her life, she will take responsibility for her choices and start thinking and acting in ways that empower her. Only then will she be able to see all the possibilities that she does have and start charting a course toward the life she really wants—the life we all want—one of happiness and joy.

If you're in pain, do something about it now. Don't wait until your back is against the wall or you're in the fetal position on the floor. Find the courage now to do what you already know deep down that you need to. Demand better for yourself than staying in unnecessary pain.

Take charge of your life and live your joy!

Paula Renaye is a life transformation speaker, coach, regression hypnosis practitioner and author of the multi-award-winning Hardline Self Help Handbook. Stop by the website for Book Tour contest giveaways prizes!

Title Information
Category: Self Help/Personal Development
Title: The Hardline Self Help Handbook
Subtitle: What Are You Willing to Do to Get What You Really Want?
Author: Paula Renaye
Publisher: Diomo Books (
Pages: 168
Format, ISBN, Price:
Trade Paperback (6 x 9) ISBN 0-9674786-5-0 Price: $19.95
(See publisher website for discount codes through one seller.)
eBook (most formats available): $9.99
Kindle ASIN: B004XNKDB6; Smashwords ISBN 0-9674786-7-7)
Companion Workbook (Printable PDF) $7.95 ISBN 0-9674786-8-5
available through Diomo


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