Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Music Of The Heart

By Stephanie West Allen

Most of Beethoven's masterpieces were composed while he was deaf. He had inside him music that would not be stilled by life's circumstances. His music triumphed over suffering.

The last movement of the Ninth Symphony is choral music Beethoven set to Friedrich von Schiller's poem "Ode to Joy." Beethoven believed this poem celebrated the brotherhood of man.

On May 7, 1824, when the Ninth Symphony premiered, Beethoven was on-stage conducting. Also on-stage was a supplementary conductor necessary because of Beethoven's deafness. When the "Ode to Joy" movement was over, the audience erupted in applause. Beethoven did not turn around as he could not hear them.

Turn Around and See What You Have Created
One of the chorus members broke protocol and moved towards Beethoven. He took hold of the composer's arm. Beethoven gave him a fierce look but the chorus member persisted gently turning him around. By then the applause had subsided.

As Beethoven looked out into the audience, they began to rise in standing ovation. First one person and then many and then all. It is said that a single, small tear of joy slipped down the composer's cheek. It is also said that another tiny companion tear rolled down the cheek of the chorus member standing next to him.

Some Questions for You
What gift inside of you is so strong that it must triumph over any adversity (or shyness or inactivity or busy-ness) and come out for others to enjoy?

Are you still holding it in, sapping creative energy by squelching it? What will it take for this ability, this genius, to flow out of you on a stream of inspiration?

We all have our genius with which we can make our world and that of others a more beautiful place. Part of being a member of the brotherhood of man is sharing our gifts with each other. What will bring your tear of joy?

And one more question, who in your life gently turns you around when you are facing in the wrong direction so you can see your standing ovation?

And Today...
Read these words from "Ode to Joy":

"Let us raise our voices in more pleasing and more joyful sounds!"

Sing today. Sing, sing, sing the happiest songs you know. As the words flow out of your mouth with gusto, feel every cell in your body spinning and dancing and cavorting with joy. Each song will be a workout of gladness for your whole being. Yeah, it may feel silly at first but do it anyway. Soon the happiness will permeate you and all feelings of silliness will fly out the window, never to return.

Get others to sing with you. Let's make this day an international day of song.

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot sing right that moment, hum in your head. Head humming is highly beneficial for you, too.

Make today a symphony of song and jubilation. And before you go to sleep, give yourself a rousing round of applause. What a day this can be.


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