Friday, 15 February 2013

Orangeberry FreeMe #237

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Friday, 15 February 2013

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God, The Universe and Darwin - Richard Woodling
Genre - Christian
Rating - G
3.4 (15 reviews)
Free until 17 February 2013
If you have ever asked "Where did I come from?" and "Why am I here?" you will find it hard to put "God, The Universe And Darwin" down. If you are a Christian you will be thrilled to learn about groundbreaking discoveries pouring in from the sciences that confirm the words in the Bible. If you are an evolutionist this book should give you pause to reconsider your position.

Today millions of people believe that the universe, the Earth and all the life on it evolved according to Darwin's theory of evolution. Most people, though, are unaware that evolution has only been accepted as true because Darwin's theories have been universally declared as non-disputable fact. All other evidence to the contrary has been ignored or rejected. What is little known about this is that there is a growing legion of scientists who have completely rejected evolution as not only highly improbable but scientifically unprovable. 

What Richard Woodling brings to this debate is an easy and concise explanation of the science behind not only Darwin's theories but also Special Creation. The book is unique as it is set in the venue of a trial with each side presenting their best evidence on the principles fundamental to our origin. You the reader are put in the role of final judge and jury to decide which side's testimony is likely correct. Being over two years in the making the facts uncovered about the true nature of the evolution and creation debate are astounding. Take a free look inside. If you like what you see get a copy, you'll be glad you did.

Horses & Heroin - Bev Pettersen 
Genre - Romantic Mystery
Rating - PG13
4.8 (32 reviews)
Free until 19 February 2013
"The latest romantic mystery from Pettersen...enlivened by amiable characters and a robust setting."  - Kirkus Reviews


A talented rider disappears without a trace.
His frantic sister poses as a student.
A private investigator's plans for quiet recuperation are shattered.

Megan is determined to find her missing brother even though no one else at the illustrious California Jockey School seems to care. Her only ally is a recuperating PI who unfortunately is the owner's best friend. Soon she is caught between a blossoming romance and a far-reaching conspiracy...where misplaced trust can be deadly. 

Bloodstain - John C. Dalglish
Genre - Crime, Suspense
Rating - PG
4.4 (27 reviews)
Free until 17 February 2013
What turns a man into a killer? Can simple words drive a man to commit murder?

Detective Jason Strong must find a killer whose signature is a wine glass. That is about all the police know except that his victims all share certain similarities. The case gets personal when someone close to Jason is targeted and time is running out.

The Real Fling - R. Silver
Genre - Romance
Rating - R
4.5 (58 reviews)
Free until 16 February 2013
With that first kiss, Samantha and Trevor begin a fast paced romance set against the backdrop of Manhattan and Las Vegas that is Joy Luck Club meets Sex in the City. 

Samantha Lin is newly divorced and ready to move on with her career as a concert pianist. Trevor Morgan is a hot fashion photographer linked to models and actresses. Trevor and Samantha’s chance meeting ignites an animal attraction that neither one may be ready to handle. Samantha’s meddling family and her own past make her doubt Trevor. Despite their growing relationship, Trevor’s inability to face his personal fears may doom them. Both Samantha and Trevor will need to overcome their personal demons if their relationship has any chance to survive.

Angel’s Kiss - Lynne Stevie
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Rating - R
4.5 (25 reviews)
Free until 17 February 2013
Alexandria Hayes-Lewis was blessed with the perfect life. By day she managed her family’s detective agency. By night she made love to her devilishly handsome husband. 

Lexie never knew she’d been marked at birth by an Angel's Kiss—until one ordinary case turned deadly. 

A brutal attack awakens a deeply hidden family legacy: a superhuman strength and vitality. Not only is she stronger—her gift also increases the power of immortal beings. With the secrets of her heritage unlocked, and her legacy revealed, Lexie becomes the prey. 

Terrified by changes she doesn’t understand and sensual nightmares she can’t control, Lexie desperately searches for ways to harness the power flowing through her veins. But when people die and her family is threatened, she takes the ultimate step against those who want to shield her, those who want to possess her, and those who want to kill her. In a frantic bid for freedom, she enlists the help of an unusual guardian and an ancient weapon.

Will it be enough to save her?

Rise of the Fallen - Ivory Autumn
Genre - Middle Grade, Fantasy
Rating - PG13
3.9 (12 reviews)
Free until 16 February 2013
All ANDREW GRIGGS had anticipated on the day of his sixteenth birthday, was to grow one year older, and perhaps wiser. However, with it came death, fire, slavery, and whole new identity. Gifted with a compass, a cryptic letter, and a map, questions about Andrew's past, his future and his true lineage haunt him. 

Forced to work in the dark mines of Nookpot, alone, with only his friends, TALIC and FREDDIE, for company, Andrew risks his life to save dozens of slaves like himself, only to be thrown into a confusing web of trouble, and incriminated as a killer. A plant killer---someone who could cause famine, destroy entire crops of grain and turn giant trees into sticks of dry wood. Sentenced to death, Andrew discovers life, new purpose, and a chance to prove his worth. Laden with a huge task, Andrew sets out, with the help of his friends, to keep The Fallen from heralding in the darkest age of history known to mankind. 

ANDREW AND THE QUEST OF ORION'S BELT, Rise of the Fallen, is an epic tale that will appeal to fantasy fans who love the adventure of delving into magical worlds filled with great opposition, populated with brave souls and clever characters.

Recession-Proof Retirement - Mark J Orr
Genre - Business, Investing
Rating - PG13
4.0 (26 reviews)
Free until 17 February 2013
In thinking about your own retirement, does it seem “more probable” to you that your MONEY will outlive you… or that YOU will outlive your money? In either case, the proven strategies in this book can safely make your savings work much harder.

This book is a must have for people who are already retired or within just a few years of their retirement. If this describes you, please keep reading. But if you are more than 5 years from retirement, please search for his book “Stress-Free Retirement Planning” on Amazon, which will be more appropriate for you.

“Recession-Proof Retirement” shows retirees how to safely increase your interest income, reduce your income taxes and/or predictably increase your security, wealth and legacy.

A successful retirement is no longer a “slam dunk”. With fewer retirees getting sizable pensions, the lingering effects of the great recession of 2008, a decade of stock market volatility and continuing historically low interest rates, managing finances for a long and prosperous retirement can be tricky for all but the very wealthy.

As a practicing Certified Financial Planner, Mr. Orr likes to start a retirement income discussion with this fact. There have been 23 economic recessions since 1900 and more will follow. They can all adversely & permanently impact a retiree's lifestyle and/or their hopes for leaving a meaningful legacy. On average, one happens about every five years, so you will likely experience 5-7 recessions during your retirement. 

Have you recovered from the last two recessions yet? Are you fully prepared for the next one? If not, what are you going to do differently?

Along with the high likelihood of living through more recessions, longevity and inflation are the big demons to beat during retirement. Many retirees have yet to fully consider, plan and invest for these nearly inevitable occurrences. 

That could be an awful mistake unless you have more than a $1,000,000 in savings, a large pension that you both can count on… and you don’t rely on 2 Social Security checks each month. What will happen when one of those Social Security checks stops coming in?

The average lifespan of Americans has been rising for many decades and will continue to do so with medical advances. A couple aged 62 today, has a joint life expectancy of age 92 - so at least one of them is likely to live until age 92 or even longer. So we should really plan for a 25-35 year retirement income stream. 

However, we can’t forget about inflation risk over the next few decades. Every year, everything that you buy will cost more. At 3% inflation, your cost of living will double in 24 years. With inflation factored in, we need to plan for
a 25-35 year “rising income” -- as your cost of living during retirement will probably double. One cannot afford to wait and deal with this looming economic “time-bomb” later.
With that in mind, retirees need secure places to put their money that provide decent returns that safely beat inflation over the next 2-3 decades, provide great liquidity at any time, offer flexibility and much more.
This book shows examples of how his clients are using these financial strategies and solutions for a more secure monthly income. The income planning strategies combined with what he believes are some of the best types of retirement investments to beat inflation and your likely longevity.

If you are closed-minded to new retirement income methods, this book is not for you. You will not read about old, failed methods.

These safe financial vehicles can be perfect CD, bond and annuity alternatives for a safe place for retirement savings and IRAs. They come with much flexibility and other valuable benefits for you and your family. And this book is NOT about index annuities which so many annuity salespeople are pushing onto seniors. 

The educational and easy-to-understand information in this book can provide security and new long-term rising income solutions for America’s retirees and seniors

Double Bind - Seb Kirby
Genre - Thriller
Rating - PG13
3.8 (32 reviews)
Free until 19 February 2013
Over there. Someone like you. Not just like you. Someone who is you.
Author Raymond Bridges has it all - success, money, a gorgeous girlfriend - and is living the good life. But when he wakes up naked in a shopping mall with no memory of who he is or how he got there, he finds his journey to discover the truth is only the beginning of a terrifying nightmare. 

A shocking psychological thriller that questions the very heart of reality, trust, and loyalty, Double Bind is a must-read that will leave you breathless - and rock the foundation of everything you believe.

The Way of Grace - Cathy Bryant
Genre - Romantic Suspense
Rating - PG
4.6 (28 reviews)
Free until 16 February 2013
In pursuit of justice, in need of grace . . .
A justice-seeking perfectionist pursues her dream of a perfect life in her hometown of Miller’s Creek, Texas. Sidetracked by a desire to be a prosecuting attorney, Grace Soldano launches into uncharted waters, making herself over to please her boss and mentor.

Then a disheveled free spirit turns her perfectly ordered world upside down, challenging the concept of personal goodness. A fall from perfection leaves Grace teetering between vengeance and grace, caught in a deadly crossfire that leaves her dreams in a heap of ashes.

Can she learn to joyfully accept the life God has given her–far from perfect–but completely immersed in His grace?

The Wizard of Time - G. L. Breedon
Genre - YA
Rating - PG
4.4 (51 reviews)
Free until 16 February 2013
Thirteen-year-old Gabriel Salvador has dreams about the future and his dreams always come true. When he dreams one night that he will drown, he knows upon waking it is only a matter of time before his dream becomes reality. 

Plucked from the timeline of history at the moment of his death, Gabriel becomes an apprentice time mage and part of an elite team of wizards who travel throughout history to fight the War of Time and Magic. 

Victorian London, the Aztec temples of 1487, the Greek island of Samos in 320 BCE, Scotland in the Middle Ages, and the battle fields of Alexander the Great are only some of the adventures in time that await Gabriel as he learns to become a time mage and joins the battle to protect the timeline of history in THE WIZARD OF TIME. 

THE WIZARD OF TIME is approximately 101,000 words long.

Nine Romantic Stories - Carla Sarett
Genre - Literary Fiction
Rating - PG
4.7 (14 reviews)
Free until 16 February 2013
Carla Sarett's Nine Romantic Stories brings together nine tales of contemporary women seeking love, sometimes in the right places. From the world's worst wedding proposal to the mysteries of first love to a an internet date gone horribly awry, this collection of romantic short stories will charm and beguile you. The book contains some stories that were previously published stories in literary magazines, and a few that are brand new-- "delicious stories for the discriminating romantic," in the words of one Amazon fan.



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