Saturday, 6 July 2013

Orangeberry FreeMe #367

Orangeberry FreeMe #367
Saturday, 6 July 2013
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How to Set Goals - Darrin Wiggins
Genre - Self-Help
Rating - G
4.9 (12 reviews)
Free until 10 July 2013

Goal Setting Secrets Of The Wealthy Revealed

How To Set Goals: A Goal Setting Guide That Unlocks The Secrets To Achieving Unlimited Personal Success

Setting goals gives every “ordinary” person the power to be extraordinary.
The bad news is about 99% of the population never discovers the power of goal setting.
The good news is I have the proven methods of the elite 1% and an exclusive invitation inside for you to join them.

The Truth About Goal Setting

Billionaire Chip Wilson proved goal setting works with the success he created at lululemon athletica. People believe it was the black stretchy pants but insiders know it was an intense focus on setting goals.
How To Set Goals shares the knowledge and experience I gained from a decade of goal coaching at lululemon. I was trained to help you achieve your personal goals.
I want you to succeed with my simple step by step guide to goal setting and to get results quick.
I know what you are thinking. I used to be skeptical about the “magic of goal setting” and believed personal success was only meant for people with money. The truth is you and I can have everything we want in life.
After you read this book on goal setting the quality of your life will change. Guaranteed.

Stop Taking What Life Hands You And Go Get What You Want

Are you are struggling to discover what you want to do with your life and even if you do know, you have no idea how to use goal setting to your advantage?
When you start using the techniques in this book and set a vision of what you want in life your path to success becomes clear. Tony Robbins says it best – “Clarity Is Power”.
I am going to show you EXACTLY how you can design a lifestyle you never thought possible and finally live the life you have always dreamed of.
You love the thought of being in control of your success. Don’t you?

Put Your Success On Auto-Pilot

You can’t be working on all of your goals every minute of the day so why not let one of your most powerful secret weapons do most of the work and planning for you?
Your subconscious will produce the results you want or hold you back from success depending on how you program it. You’re the boss. A highly informed subconscious will deliver you results faster than you thought possible.
You can start training your subconscious today or continue waiting for success to magically appear.

How To Set Goals For Life

Let’s face it, most of our goal setting efforts go absolutely nowhere because we could care less about the goals we set. We set them on a whim without any thought put into them. You will learn how to set goals to create real results.
Knowledge without action is useless. My take action requests will give you a clear action plan practically ensuring success. Action takers are success makers.
Are you ready to make a decision now?
Don’t Look Behind You - Billy Wells
Genre - Horror
Rating - PG13
4.0 (6 reviews
Free until 10 July 2013
Please be aware that some of these offerings are quite gruesome and not for those readers whose parents did not let them watch scary movies and TV shows as a child.
If you are prone to nightmares, do not read this book:
1. at bedtime when you are alone.
2. If you believe in ghosts, goblins, or the Loch Ness monster.
3. during the full moon, particularly when the wolfbane blooms.
4. around a campfire after dark in a dense forest.
5. if the news reported a deranged maniac escaped from the local asylum.
6. if you have rats in the cellar or bats in your belfry.
7. if you think something from another planet has landed on earth.
8. if limbs being hacked off make you quesy.
9. if you believe a boogeyman lives in your closet.
10. if you live in close proximity to Transylvania or the Black Lagoon.
These are the stories in this book:
Randolph and Francene have come from the cemetery with some friends to visit a house where they lived when they were alive.
Marty's new toy man is eating his other super heroes in his collection. He wonders what Witch Albert will do when they are gone, and she gets hungry.
A bank robber takes a desolate road to escape a roadblock. He would have been better off turning himself in to the police.
Mandy is the only one who can see her imaginary friend who lives in the swamp.
Barry believes a young man in the window seat is orchestrating Armageddon on his laptop computer game.
Cecil returns to his hometown for his mother's funeral, he discovers the father he never knew was a serial killer who devoured his victims.
Alex seeks revenge on three partner who renegged on making him partner after 31 years of service in remote locations
Werewolves cause madness and mayhem at Dizzyworld Amusement Park.
Settlers come upon a deserted town where the former occupants fled in a hurry from something evil.
Clyde Bottoms is receiving calls from a disconnected phone last used by the Morningside Cemetery twenty-five years ago in Hell Massachusetts.
After attempting to start a concrete business in northern New Jersey, the police found what was left of Earl Breedlove crawling around a dumpster in Newark. His brother, John, seeks revenge.
Louie finds a deformed taxidermist with outstanding credentials to mount his most prized kill from twenty-five years of hunting.
Jeremy White stared in disbelief at the footprints in the snow leading away from his front door, and none coming to it. He suspected Billy Smith had broken into his house during the night, and he wanted to nail him.
Agnes returns from a scary walk after dark and finds her front door standing open. A serial killer the media calls the "Boogeyman" will kill another woman in the next four hours if he follows his pattern.
After Tomas sees an intense light as doctors try desperately to revive him, he finds himself fighting for survival as a new character in the original movie Night of the Living Dead.
Matt aand Penny pick up a young man with a flat tire on a lonely road in the middle of the night.
Blanche foolishly risks her career as a university professor to enhance the learning curve of her students by supplying fresher cadavers for them to disect.
Proposals - Alicia Roberts
Genre - Romance
Rating - R
3.9 (49 reviews)
Free until 6 September 2013
Sparks fly when Brad and Alexis meet. Brad is the new heir to Reinehart Industries, and Alexis is a cynical college drop-out.
They live in completely different worlds, and under normal circumstances, their passionate encounters might have been shelved as "mistakes". But circumstances are far from normal, and Brad has plans that could change both their lives - if only he can convince Alexis to come along for the ride.
The Reluctant Detective - Sinclair Macleod
Genre - Mystery
Rating - PG13
4.0 (22 reviews)
Free until 7 July 2013
"I want you to find who killed my son."
Craig Campbell's quiet life as an insurance investigator is turned upside down when Ann Kilpatrick hires him to find her son's killer. He doesn't believe he can help but reluctantly agrees to investigate.
Before long he is plunged into a world of corruption, deceit and greed. His journey takes him from the underbelly of Glaswegian society to the rural idyll of a millionaire's mansion.
Along the way, a death close to home ensures that he has a personal reason to face the dangers and bring the murderer to justice.
Manannan’s Magic - Michele McGrath
Genre - Fantasy
Rating - PG13
4.9 (13 reviews)
Free until 7 July 2013
Manannan McLir escapes his enemies and finds sanctuary, for a little while, on the Isle of Man. Both feared and urgently needed, he uses his skills and the strange knowledge from the East to cure wounds and sickness.
Among his patients is Renny, a young Celtic girl who falls in love with him and is witness to a terrifying experience one night. As he tells her later,
These visions predict the future, for other forces are stirring in this Year 800. A Viking chieftain has sent his son to look for land that he can conquer and settle.This young man, Edan, hears about the Magician, as Manannan is called, and alerts his people.
When the Vikings invade, bringing with them Manannan’s bitterest enemy, a great battle takes place and Manannan must escape from the island. But he is surrounded and only cunning, not magic, can help him now.
Concealed Power - KJ Colt
Genre - Fantasy
Rating - PG13
4.4 (8 reviews)
Free until 6 July 2013
Fourteen-year-old Adenine is blind and isolated in her small attic bedroom. The last carrier of the Death Plague that wiped out thousands of her country's people twenty-five years ago, she must avoid contact with the outside world.
When her mother fails to bring her food one day, Adenine begins to starve. Driven by hunger, Adenine ventures into the house and discovers her mother bedridden and sick. Despite her terror of infecting others, Adenine fumbles her way out into the streets of Borrelia in search of the town's doctor.
Soon, she is surrounded by new friends... and enemies she never knew existed. Adenine's mother is keeping dark secrets, her friends are lying to her, and when threats arise, she must decide who to trust.
The Bridge to Caracas - Stephen Douglass
Genre - Romance
Rating - PG
4.5 (11 reviews)
Free until 7 July 2013
THE BRIDGE TO CARACAS is Volume one of THE KING TRILOGY, an epic story, spanning four tumultuous decades, of an inconvenient fortune and its catastrophic affect on a loving family.
Stephen Douglass's knowledge of the Oil and Gas Industry is woven into a plot similar to John Grisham's tales of lawyers, judges, and the law. Both are terrific at storytelling at a brisk pace coming with a knowledgeable background. You will be educated as to the Oil and Gas Industry, especially the dark side of money making, and entertained by a romantic, engaging action story. This book belongs in a class with "Unbroken", "Lost in Shangri-La", "In the Garden of the Beasts", and other five star books that I have enjoyed this summer. (5 star review)
Jim Servito shatters the hopes and aspirations of star-crossed lovers, Mike King and Karen Taylor, while simultaneously engineering a grand theft ranking as one of the largest and most audacious in Canadian and U.S. history. Cynical and remorselessly ruthless, he possesses a brilliant criminal mind, has enormous contempt for the law, police, governments, and the system in which they function. He assumes rules are for fools, and takes sadistic pleasure in breaking them. Using The Peace Bridge as his fulcrum, he steals $325,000,000 from the U.S. and Canadian governments, steals enormous quantities of gasoline by illegally installing valves in Golden National’s Buffalo refinery, then murders everyone who can implicate him.
The setting is storybook perfect. The beautiful daughter of wealthy parents meets the handsome son of middle class parents. The two fall in love and assume they will marry and live happily ever after. History would prove their assumption wrong. Cruel twists of fate and the wrath of Jim Servito combine to prescribe a horrible nightmare for the two lovers, one that grows in intensity and ultimately leads them to prison, then a life and death confrontation with Servito in Caracas.
Karen Taylor, tired of life in private school for girls, the endless doting of her wealthy parents, and the monotony of constant female company, wants out, to experience the real world, preferably on her own. Her priorities lead her to an endless love affair with Mike King, but his marriage to another woman leads her to a disastrous marriage to Jim Servito.
Mike King has it made. A third generation medical candidate and gifted athlete, his future appears assured. He is going to be a doctor. It is the family tradition. Then, like the first snows of winter, everything changes. He falls in love with Karen Taylor, and decides he wants a future of his own, instead of the one tradition had prescribed for him. His heart is ripped from his body when Karen’s mother informs him that her daughter was killed when her airplane was hijacked in Athens and blown up in Syria. Saddened beyond all consolation, he plunges into his engineering studies with a consuming passion. Fate leads him to a doomed marriage to Barbara Larkin. The marriage is complicated when he discovers that Karen is alive. A chance meeting with Karen results in a torrid, but life-threatening affair. He relinquishes his successful career in big oil to launch what appears to be a once in a lifetime business opportunity. When Jim Servito and the Feds conspire to ruin his business, terminate his affair with Karen, and imprison both, the two lovers risk everything to violate their bail restrictions, covertly fly to Caracas, and end their nightmare.
A Soul To Steal - Rob Blackwell
Genre - Fantasy
Rating - PG13
4.9 (190 reviews)
Free until 7 July 2013
A serial killer on the loose, two reporters in his sights, and a legendary ghost haunting the town...
Something is stalking the citizens of Loudoun County, Va.
Is it the return of the notorious serial killer known as Lord Halloween? Or is it something worse--a figure that can cloak itself as your worst nightmare?
Kate and Quinn, two community journalists, rush to uncover the truth before a promised bloodbath on Halloween night.
A Soul to Steal has been featured on USA Today and praised by book bloggers and readers alike for its thrilling combination of mystery, suspense and the supernatural. Hailed as an addictive page-turner with a "fantastic" ending, this Kindle bestseller is a unique thriller that will leave you breathless.
A Soul to Steal is the first novel in The Sanheim Chronicles. The sequel, Band of Demons, was published on Oct. 2 to rave reviews.
Nellie’s Magic Glasses - Sarit Gilor
Genre - Children
Rating - G
4.9 (36 reviews)
Free until 6 July 2013
This Book Will Help Your Child Discover the Benefit of Wearing Glasses
Nellie is a very happy girl...
But when she went with her Mom to the eye doctor and he said that she needs to wear glasses, she was not so thrilled about the idea...
Until she found out that she has magic glasses...
Are you having troubles convincing your child to wear his or her glasses?
Well, this beautiful sensitive book can really help you!

No child can resist Magic Glasses :)



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