Thursday, 22 August 2013

Orangeberry FreeMe #412

Orangeberry FreeMe #412

Orangeberry FreeMe

Thursday, 22th August 2013

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Eternity Base – Bob Mayer

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Military Fiction

Rating – PG

4.3 (19 reviews)

Free until 24 August 2013

Maverick federal employee Sammy Pintella, obsessed with uncovering the fate of her MIA father, makes a startling discovery while rifling through some inactive government files. A dozen, faded black and white photos seem to point to the existence of a secret US Military base built in the frozen wastelands of Antarctica during the height of the Cold War.
Aided by Special Forces veteran Dave Riley, she heads for Antarctica. But they aren’t alone. Spies, North Koreans and other shadowy forces are also en route, because deep inside Eternity Base is something people will go to extreme lengths to get: a cache of nuclear warheads.

Chasing the Dragon – Colin Falconer

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Historical

Rating – PG

Free until 24 August 2013

The pavilion had been built right into the water, a sala of filigree wood on a pillared platform of semi precious stone.' She was already there early the next morning when Michael arrived from Ajodhya in a tuk-tuk. She was gazing out across the water, at the finger of mist clinging to the lake. She did not look up. He wondered if she had heard him arrive. Then she blew a bubble of gum and it spattered across his nose. He laughed and she turned around. 'You teach me this trick.’ 'Ly May,' he said.'
1978. Ly May survives the fall of Saigon, living on the street and in communist camps; she survives pirates and the sinking of her flimsy rate to escape to a new life in Thailand. a flimsy raft. She is introduced to life as a bar girl in Bangkok. But Ly May is a survivor and what gets her through is the memory the pilot who befriended her in the Long Tieng air base and tried to save her life. Finally she ends up on the arm of Douglas Ho, one of the major players in the international heroin trade and number two in a Hong Kong triad. And that's when she meets her saviour again; but now he is with an American drug enforcement agency.
The stakes are excruciatingly high; the Chinese are expanding onto the US western seaboard and the potential profits are breathtaking. Douglas Ho will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Does Ly May stay with the rich life she has been so lucky to find or stay true to the man who helped her as a child and risk everything, her millionaire life and even her life? From the heroin factories of the Golden Triangle to the drug banks of California and Bangkok, from bloody gun battles in San Francisco's Chinatown to the palaces of the super rich in Hong Kong, this is a rollercoaster journey that will leave you breathless to the last page.


The Taste of Fear – Jeremy Bates

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Suspense

Rating – PG13

4.4 (40 reviews)

Free until 23 August 2013

American movie star Scarlett Cox and her husband, hotel tycoon Salvador Brazza, head to Africa to get away and resuscitate their ailing marriage. When robbed of their money and passports, they seek help from the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam--on the very day Al Qaeda chooses to bomb it. In an eyeblink they're taken hostage and whisked across the border deep into the Congo, one of the last truly wild places left on earth.
Battling terrorists, deadly wildlife and cannibalistic rebels, Scarlett and Sal must find a way to survive in a violent, primeval world. And the only person who may be able to save them is the assassin sent to kill them.

Apart From Love – Uvi Poznansky

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Contemporary Fiction

Rating – PG13

4.4 (58 reviews)

Free until 23 August 2013

Written with passionate conviction, this story is being told by two of its characters: Ben, a twenty-seven years old student, and Anita, a plain-spoken, spunky, uneducated redhead, freshly married to Lenny, his aging father. Behind his back, Ben and Anita find themselves increasingly drawn to each other. They take turns using an old tape recorder to express their most intimate thoughts, not realizing at first that their voices are being captured by him.
Meanwhile, Lenny is trying to keep a secret from both of them: his ex-wife, Ben’s mother, a talented pianist, has been stricken with an early-onset alzheimer. Taking care of her gradually weighs him down.
What emerges in these characters is a struggle, a desperate, daring struggle to find a path out of conflicts, out of isolation, from guilt to forgiveness.
The title Apart From Love comes from a phrase used three times in the story:
After a while I whispered, like, “Just say something to me. Anything.” And I thought, Any other word apart from Love, ‘cause that word is diluted, and no one knows what it really means, anyway.
Anita to Lenny, in Apart From Love
Why, why can’t you say nothing? Say any word—but that one, ‘cause you don’t really mean it. Nobody does. Say anything, apart from Love.
Anita to Ben, in The Entertainer
For my own sake I should have been much more careful. Now—even in her absence—I find myself in her hands, which feels strange to me. I am surrounded—and at the same time, isolated. I am alone. I am apart from Love.
Ben, in Nothing Surrendered

Mississippi cotton – Paul H. Yarbrough

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Mystery

Rating – PG

4.4 (48 reviews)

Free until 23 August 2013

MISSISSIPPI COTTON brings to light the complex history of rural Mississippi in the 1950’s. It is 1951. Young Jake Conner gets on a bus to visit his cousins in the Mississippi Delta. But when the body of an unknown man is found in the Mississippi River, Jake's summer vacation gets a little more adventurous as he and his cousins snoop around in a mystery that is better left to the grown ups.

Life Class – Gilli Allan

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Women’s Fiction

Rating – PG13

5 (5 reviews)

Free until 24 August 2013

Four people meet once a week to draw the human figure. All have failed to achieve what they thought they wanted in life. They come to realise that it’s not just the naked model they need to study and understand. Their stories are very different, but they all have secrets they hide from the world and from themselves. By uncovering and coming to terms with the past, maybe they can move on to an unimagined future.
Dory works in the sex trade, the clean-up end. She deals with the damage caused. Her job has given her a jaundiced view of men and relationships. Always a clear eyed realist, she suddenly finds herself chasing a dream.
Stefan is a single-minded loner, his sole ambition is to make a living from his art. So how did he find himself facing a class of adults who want their old teacher back? Love is an emotion he long ago closed off, but is it time to let others into his life?
Fran (Dory's older sister) is a stay-at-home mother without enough to keep her occupied. She is on a collision course with her mid-life crisis. Her craving for the excitement and romance of her youth puts everything she really loves now at risk.
Dominic is a damaged child. He knows all about sex but nothing about love. He wants to make sense of the past, but maybe it's time to look to the future. If he can accept the love and help on offer, perhaps he has a chance to transform his life.

Incredibly Delicious Soup Recipes – Vesela Tabakova

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Cookbook

Rating – G

4.3 (26 reviews)

Free until 24 August 2013

A tasty bowl of soup fills you up, reduces cravings, keeps you energized for hours, and is one of the best diet-friendly meals. Preparing your own soup at home is even better because you can choose what ingredients you put in and that way control sodium and calorie intake.
Mediterranean way of cooking is healthy home cooking. You can always improvise, invent, vary recipes, and substitute one ingredient for another.
Eating a tasty Mediterranean soup every day will pay off with plenty of health benefits and will almost certainly prevent you from overeating. It will also prevent diet boredom and at the same time will help you slim down.
Check out my recipes if you are following a soup diet, you want to increase your daily intake of vegetables, herbs and vitamins or if you just love soup:

Bean, Chicken and Sausage Soup

Bulgarian Chicken Soup

Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

Mediterranean Chicken Soup

Turkish Chicken Soup

Moroccan Chicken and Butternut Squash Soup

Chicken Soup with Vermicelli

Beef and Vegetable Minestrone

Italian Wedding Soup

Lentil and Ground Beef Soup

Italian Meatball Soup

Bulgarian Meatball Soup

Easy Fish Soup

Spanish Seafood Soup

Hot Spanish Squid Soup

Italian Minestrone

Bean and Pasta Soup

Creamy Artichoke Soup

Tomato Soup

Spicy Carrot Soup

Mushroom Soup

Mediterranean Chickpea Soup

French Vegetable Soup

Moroccan Lentil soup

Bulgarian Lentil Soup

White Beans Soup

Cauliflower Soup

Moroccan Pumpkin Soup

Potato Soup

Leek, Rice and Potato Soup

Carrot and Chickpea Soup

Broccoli, Zucchini and Blue Cheese Soup

Beetroot and Carrot Soup

Roasted Red Peppers Soup

Lentil, Barley and Mushroom Soup

Spinach Soup

Spinach and Feta Cheese Soup

Nettle Soup

Thick Herb Soup

Spanish Gaspacho Soup

Avocado Gazpacho

Cold Cucumber Soup

Mooney The Life of the World’s Master Carver – John P. Hayes

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Biography, Memoir

Rating – G

4.9 (11 reviews)

Free until 22 August 2013

“Unbelievable,” “Amazing,” and “Impossible” . . . those words are uttered countless times a day in several different languages in small-town Dover, Ohio, because people can hardly believe what they see. They are the tens of thousands who visit the backyard museum of Ernest “Mooney” Warther, billed as the world’s master carver, to look at what the Smithsonian Institution said are “priceless works of art.”
During a span of nearly 50 years, Mooney recreated the history of the steam engine, and major events in American history, by carving 64 scale models (one-half inch to the foot), each with intricate details and moving parts. One model required more than 7,200 parts and consumed nearly 1,400 hours of work spread across 16 months.
The most famous model is the Funeral Train of Abraham Lincoln carved from ebony and ivory and exquisitely detailed – you can see Lincoln’s sobering coffin through the car windows. Another favorite is the Empire State Express, at 8-feet long, it’s the largest working ivory carving in the world. Then there’s the popular Driving of the Golden Spike, which depicts the story of America’s first transcontinental railroad. And there’s much more.
What would give a young man, with only a second grade education, the idea to spend a lifetime carving model trains to depict American history? It all began by coincidence. “I was walking down a country road, taking the cows to pasture,” Mooney told the story countless times, “when my toe hit something in the dust. I bent over to see what it was and I picked up an old pocketknife. I tried to open it with my fingers, but I wasn’t strong enough so I used my teeth to pry open its stubborn, rusty blade. I was so proud of my new find that I quickly hunted for a piece of wood to whittle…and I’ve been whittlin’ ever since.”
Author John Hayes grew up in Mooney Warther's backyard and often visited him during the 1950s and 1960s. He wrote this biography of Mooney in 1977, three years after the carver's death, and added a new Introduction for the ebook edition, drawing on his personal memories. "You couldn’t miss Mooney because first there was his head of hair; it was white and wild, sort of like Einstein’s, but bushier," explained Hayes. "Then you heard his booming voice shouting out his magnificent stories punctuated with roaring laughter. At first sight, he looked like a scary creature from a Dickens novel, and if you hadn’t met him before, or you met him just in passing, you might dismiss him as a strange character whittling on a chunk of wood. In modern America, few parents would have permitted their children to hang out at Mooney’s for fear there was something unsavory about him. But to those of us who knew Mooney, he was a humble, lovable character, who wished the best for all the people he met, and people arrived by the busload to see him."
Through the years Mooney met presidents, business tycoons and dignitaries far and wide, but one of his favorite friends was comedian and TV personality, Henry Morgan, who wrote the book's Foreword. "Mooney Warther was a genius," said Morgan, star of television's "I've Got A Secret". "He had a personal 'tutelary divinity' who guided his fingers. To people like me, who can’t whittle a stick, Mooney was every bit as good as Michelangelo or Cellini. And, to judge by what we know of those gentlemen, Mooney was a nicer guy."
"Think that you can, and do," Mooney encouraged the millions of people who met him through the years. Today, his museum in Dover is a tribute to his achievements. People who see his carvings are awestruck. How could any one man think, let alone do, all of that?

Seven Patients – Atul Kumar

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Medical Thriller

Rating – PG13

4.0 (262 reviews)

Free until 26 August 2013

Patients come and go, but some leave behind a memory so intense that it cannot be erased.
Third year medical student Raj Mok quickly learns that patients don’t behave like his beloved medical texts led him to believe.
The seven most outrageous patients of his first year in clinical medicine teach Raj that medicine isn’t always about healing and that killing isn’t always murder.

The Walking Man – Wright Forbucks

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Fiction

Rating – PG13

4.5 (23 reviews)

Free until 26 August 2013

Now and then a story comes along that changes the way you look at life and love, such is the tale of "the walking man." Loosely based on a true story, this novella presents a powerful and original narrative about the value of persistence. Set in a mythical hospital filled with comic characters THE WALKING MAN delivers intense moments laughter and heartbreak within an amazingly original plot. Written in a purposefully direct and easy-to-read style, THE WALKING MAN is a modern day fable with an inspirational message for one and all: never give up!

Sorcerer – Randy Mixter

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Action, Adventure

Rating – PG

4.2 (20 reviews)

Free until 24 August 2013

Jake Stanton, the hero of Swan Loch, returns.
Keira Merlin's father is in trouble. He told her that in a dream. He has an artifact that others want; evil people, who will stop at nothing to own it. Keira knows where her father hides, deep in a mountain's forest, but she needs help to reach him. She needs Jake Stanton.
FBI agent Jake Stanton is a wanted man. He is wanted by the same individuals who search for Keira's father, Silvanus Merlin, his partner in a previous case, and the man who once saved his life.
Together, Stanton and Keira will journey to a place dark and dangerous, a place where an amazing discovery awaits and a secret that may change the world as we know it.

Love & the goddess – Mary Elizabeth Coen

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre – Women’s Fiction

Rating – G

4.7 (24 reviews)

Free until 23 August 2013

A woman's voyage of self discovery starts on the internet, leading all the way to a famous Brazilian healer's ashram and a shamanic journey through Peru.

When cookery teacher Kate Canavan's perfect life falls apart her friend James urges her to love and nurture herself, but mischievous Ella persuades her to dust off her unused dating skills. So Kate explores the world of on- line dating using the name of a Greek Goddess. In the midst of a mad dating frenzy, Kate has a traumatic health scare, which convinces her to drop everything and go in search of a guru.
Travelling with Ella, she visits a spiritual healer in Brazil, only to find Ella is more interested in having fun than seeking enlightenment.  Next stop Peru, where a shaman tells her how to harness the energy of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. Kate's journey of self discovery continues apace after she returns home and events unfold
in a surprising manner, as she learns to think for herself.



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2. Frequent Traveller
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3. Dora's Essentials - Books, Blogs & Smiles 1
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4. Mirror Me Martha (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle - 281
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5. Drive On Hope (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle - 190
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6. Blog-A-Licious Directory 2012
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7. Pandora's Reading Room 1
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8. The Cat That Barked (Short Story)
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9. Dora's Essentials - Examining Anxiety
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10. Dora's Essentials - Books, Blogs & Smiles 2
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11. Elevenses from Around the World
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12. Genetically Modified Foods vs. Sustainability
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