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Birth of an Assassin by Rik Stone @stone_rik

Chapter 3

Corporal Nikolas pulled a white vest over his head and tucked it into his shorts. The material strained against a girth that bulged so much that if he could move it round to the back he’d be a hunchback. He shook his head miserably.

“Not so long ago it was solid muscle. Now look at it: pulp.” He filled his chest with a massive breath and pulled in his stomach enough to get definition on his rib cage. “That’s better,” he consoled himself. “It was just the way I was standing,”

But then Kornfeld crossed his mind. The little shit. Who the fuck did he think he was? Okay, he knew he’d been spending too much time in the mess with the other NCOs, and maybe he did down a few too many vodkas and look a bit out of shape because of it, but the way that little bastard gawped at his paunch...

And Puchinsky, what did she see in the little fuck? There she was drooling over him but trying to look as if she was the one in control – and Kornfeld believed her. Fucking idiot: she was panting for it and the moron had no idea.

“He must be a virgin,” Nikolas chuckled.

She was the tastiest bit of meat they’d had for… forever, and she had to fancy someone like Kornfeld. The final insult came when she’d kneed him in the balls. He should’ve had her arrested – and he would have if she hadn’t had such an effect on his balls in other ways.

But now was “getting even” time. Today they had unarmed combat. “This time the corporal gets to use his dagger,” he laughed.

He’d worked it out: he would hold the lovebirds until last; inflict the usual cuts on the other cadets, get Kornfeld in the arena before Puchinsky, wind him up and then accidentally stab him. He couldn’t kill him or he’d put himself under the spotlight –he’d been there before and didn’t like it. But if he punctured a kidney and got him sent home, it would leave a clear path to the girl. The way she was so obviously committed to the army and with Kornfeld out of the way, she would be easy to manipulate.
His stomach had relaxed again. He pulled it back in, flexed his muscles and went into the combat hall with a grin on his face.
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Genre - Thriller, Crime, Suspense
Rating – R
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