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#OBRT #YA #PNR Guest Post - Practical Advice for Beginning Fiction Writers by J.L. Myers

Practical Advice for Beginning Fiction (or other genre) Writers
I think writing in any form begins with an idea, a spark that makes you want to tell a story, whether it’s real or made up. Turning this spark into a novel takes genuine interest in the content and determination to turn your words into something someone else can someday read and enjoy. When I begin with a new idea I’ll jot down everything I can think of, which in the beginning usually isn’t too much, just a character with some detail and maybe a skeletal plot. Then I’ll ask myself Who? What? Where? Why? When?
In writing asking these questions it in a sentence can create amazing characters with depth, and stories that have you itching to get writing.
I know, I hear you saying, ‘How is asking who, what, where, why and when going to help me?’
Well I’ll tell you. Put into context of your flimsy character or skeletal plot asking questions can set off a bombs that starts and idea storm. Here are a few examples:
  • Who is my character and why are they the way they are?
  • What does my character want the most?
  • Why does my character want or need this?
  • Who stands in the way of my character getting what they want?
  • Where can my story happen to gain the most conflict?
  • What motivates my villain?
  • Where was my villain raised?
  • How did my villain’s upbringing affect who they’ve become?
  • Who stands in my villain’s way?
  • Why does my villain want to succeed?
As you can see, once you start asking questions the flow on keeps coming like word vomit, and the look you can get into your characters, their world, and their motives and pasts is and awesome tool to hash out your story’s details.
Once you have an idea of who your characters could be and what they want and need, you can start to figure out what actions they’ll need to take to achieve their goals.
What Lies Inside
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Rating – PG-13+
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