Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Make Me A Paper Bag

Things You'll Need
Rubber Stamps
Acrylic Paints, Crayons
Wrapping Paper
Acrylic Paints, Acrylic Brushes
Pencils, Ink Pads, Markers, Crayons
Scrap Papers, White Or Brown Kraft Paper

What You'll Need To Do
1 - Cut a piece of heavy brown or white paper (craft paper or butcher paper) to 9 1/2 inches by 15 inches.

2 - Position the paper on a flat work surface (any patterned or decorated side should be facing down) so that the short edges are to your left and right. Fold the bottom edge up 2 inches and sharply crease the fold. Unfold.

3 - Use a ruler to find the center points of the top and bottom edges. Make two small pencil marks at the top edge of the paper, 1/2 inch to the left and 1/2 inch to the right of the center point. Repeat on the bottom edge. Turn the paper over and make the same marks on this side as well.

4 - Bring the right edge toward the center of the paper so that it lines up with the marks made to the left of the center point. Sharply crease the resulting right fold. Unfold the flap.

5 - Repeat step 4 for the left edge. Make sure that the left edge lines up with the marks made to the right of the center point. Turn the paper over.

6 - Bring the left and right edges to the same points as you did in steps 4 and 5. This time, however, glue the entire left edge to the right edge at the point where the edges overlap by an inch. Do not crease the edges. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

7 - Place the seamed side of the bag down. Push the left and right creases in about 1 1/2 inches so that they fold in toward the center. Lay the bag flat and crease the sides of the bag so that the folds are each sandwiched between the front and back of the bag.

8 - Locate the line of the crease made in step 2. This is the bottom of the bag. Fold the bottom edge of the bag up 4 inches and sharply crease. When you release the paper, the bottom edge of the bag should be slightly erect.

9 - Open up the bottom edges of the bag so that an upright, open-ended box is formed. The box should open up along the fold lines made in step 2 and this fold line should be touching the bag's surface. If you look down into the box, you should see two paper triangles facing each other.

10 - Push the side creases of the box inward and bring either free edge of the box down to lie flat. Bring the remaining free edge down on top of the other and glue it into place. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly and open the bag.


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Books Sold - 6 Nov 2011 to 31 May 2012

Some of you have asked me for my total number of books sold to evaluate KDP Select so here it is. Bear in mind, that results will vary based on genre and author. Good luck and remember, Keep Moving Forward.

Total - 120,836

1. Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out
Amazon Kindle - 42,559
Paperback -
Smashwords -

2. Frequent Traveller
Amazon Kindle - 35277
Paperback -
Smashwords -

3. Dora's Essentials - Books, Blogs & Smiles 1
Amazon Kindle - 462
Smashwords -

4. Mirror Me Martha (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle - 281
Smashwords -

5. Drive On Hope (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle - 190
Smashwords -

6. Blog-A-Licious Directory 2012
Amazon Kindle - 1
Smashwords -

7. Pandora's Reading Room 1
Amazon Kindle -
Paperback - N/A

8. The Cat That Barked (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle -

9. Dora's Essentials - Examining Anxiety
Amazon Kindle -

10. Dora's Essentials - Books, Blogs & Smiles 2
Amazon Kindle -

11. Elevenses from Around the World
Amazon Kindle -

12. Genetically Modified Foods vs. Sustainability
Amazon Kindle -

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