Thursday, 15 September 2011

He's Not My Lover, He's My Soulmate

This post is in conjunction with the 'blog collage' that was put together by Sulekha. Yes, I missed the deadline of 7 September to link up but here's my two cents worth on what I think about "Soulmates". There's a whole host of other blogs taking part as well, so be a gem and have a peep at their thoughts HERE.

By Pandora Poikilos

A few days ago Peas got back from work and told me that some "old bird" was on a talk show releasing her new women's fiction novel and the book appeared to be doing quite well. The "old bird" turned out to be Barbara Taylor Bradford who was releasing her 27th novel and is currently the 31st wealthiest woman in all of Great Britain. Grand. But here's something even better, her husband has been her friend, agent, producer when her books were made into movies and a central part of her life for 46 years. No, that's not a typo. It really is fourty six YEARS. 

Which of course led me to the topic of soulmates. In an era where superficiality reigns and sincerity is forced to take a backseat, a relationship that survives for that long is as rare as a four leaf clover, just like soulmates. How does a soulmate change your life? Let me tell you.

He doesn't announce his arrival and sneaks into your life packaged as someone you'd never expect. Then, you'll start noticing small changes in yourself. You're already so broken, you're convinced that this person is just one more person to stomp on the broken pieces of you. Everyone else has walked out on you and he'll do the same. He doesn't. He picks each piece up ... mending, fixing, healing.

You'll want to push him away, even pick fights so he'll change his mind about you. He'll persevere. And he'll win. But you haven't lost, you've gained - a friend, a lover and a soulmate. He'll let you love him back. He'll teach you and then he'll inspire you. He'll push you out of your comfort zone. He'll give you strength to believe in yourself and the important lesson that there are people still worth believing in. You'll cry, laugh and grow - together.

He'll be waiting for you when the doctors are done putting a tube in your brain, reminding you that brain surgery is not a walk in the park but a journey he'll take with you. It doesn't matter that you look worse than the stray cat you saw by the bin, he'll still call you gorgeous and he'll still love you, even more. More importantly, when you are beyond frustration about explaining how hard it is to look at a screen to work and when you feel that no one understands you, he'll patiently be your eyes and he'll understand you when you've run out of words.

Rest assured, a soulmate is not the the person who will complete you. Even if he has to carry you from one lesson to another, he'll make sure you learn to complete yourself. He'll let you be your own person but he'll be the one standing next to you, whatever the situation.

You will grow with every lesson he has taught you to the point that when God calls you home, you'll leave with the sense of achievement that you've given life your best save for a few regrets. You'll rest with the gift that so many crave and only a few are blessed enough to receive, unconditional love. Love and light. 


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