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Punctuality Is Necessary Or Overrated?

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By Pandora Poikilos 

Yes, Dora what were you thinking when you picked such a topic? Here's what happened. The one thing Peas and I can argue about over and over again is his inability to keep time, especially where his friends are concerned. He'll leave saying "be back in a bit" and then come back five hours later or he'll say "be back at 9pm" and then show up at 10pm and (this is my favourite) when I know he's going to be late and I send a text to say "I'm going to bed", I get a response like "Be back in a bit babe, stay up for me ... I have loads to tell you."

Do I mind that he goes out with his friends? Not at all. He only sees them over the weekend. 
Do I mind that he comes back late? Not at all. 

What I do mind is this - not knowing. The uncertainty of his plans that might interrupt the certainty of my plans, and him not making any effort to tell me. 

"Hey, I know I said 9pm but I can't" is so much better than me thinking about whether to go start doing something only to be interrupted later on.  

Don't get me wrong, I've been late on some occasions as well. One time, I even got lost and kept someone waiting for three hours but here's the other sticky bit, when you are late as in well beyond your agreed time and you arrive to find the other person in a rotten mood, what is your reaction? Do you apologise? Do you do your best to not keep the person waiting again? Or do you go out and do it all over again?

 Long story short, Peas and I are still working our way around this. But I've also made it clear that if he's late and if I've gone to bed or started on something I wanted to do, no grouchiness allowed and if ever there is a day when I'm late getting back, he'd better not have too much to say about it. 

I find punctuality helps me get the most out of my day, as the saying goes - Time and tide wait for no man. Between writing, blogging (three blogs, one website), the Blog-A-Licious Directory 2012 and marketing my novels among other things, if I do not stick to a timetable and be punctual ... I wouldn't want to think about how that would end. Love and light.



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