Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy Birthday Peas

By Pandora Poikilos

Many moons ago, on a late summer evening as I nibbled at a bowl of mixed salad I heard someone ask me what I do. "I'm a writer," I said.

"Oh, what are you working on?" he asked. He sounded skeptical and gruff. Not at all my type.

"A research piece on Hitler," I replied, half hoping that this would end the conversation once and for all. I loved history and wasn't expecting to find anyone else who would share my passion at that particular dinner spot.

Instead I got, "Wow, can you tell me more?" ... and sparks flew.

Yes, of all the topics in the world to bring two people together, Hitler was ours. In the coming months, we talked, we hinted, we learned some interesting tidbits about each other and of course, there came the time when we had to set world history aside and focus on our own priorities. I was due for brain surgery. And like I always say, there's nothing like brain surgery to get your priorities in order. We grew even more.

I remember, the entire night before I left for hospital was spent making sure my MP3 collection would never leave me bored. We talked about everything but the surgery. We weren't avoiding the subject. How could we? It was the biggest elephant in the room. But he was confident that if we stayed positive, it'll work out fine. And it did.

There were some speed bumps. Eye issues. Lump on my back issues. Speech issues. But nothing so horrifying as a second shunt or any other major surgery.

We've been silly together and we've grown together. He's been my eyes and I've been his speedometer. As one IIH friend described people who care for us, he's been my surfboard as the waves pushed me far from solid ground. It's scary when you're floating and you can't feel the ground under you. Sometimes it even gets daunting when you look to the shore and everything seems so small.

But when you have solid support to hold on to and make sure a wave doesn't swallow you whole, it's one fantastic ride. That much I can tell you. So, here's to my surfboard. He's a year older today. You know him as Peas. I know him as my other half.

Happy birthday my love and thank you for all that you do, big and small.


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Books Sold - 6 Nov 2011 to 31 May 2012

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Total - 120,836

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