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Passion Plays

By Jeffrey Kosh 

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Kosh, horror storyteller.

Well, that’s the way some fellow authors tagged me, yet I don’t feel like one. Yes, I am a storyteller, but horror is incidental. Mind you, I have nothing against the genre, quite the contrary, but just don’t feel restrained to it. Horror is not even a genre in itself, but a ‘mood’. You can insert horrific things into westerns, romance, sci-fi, or even historical tales.

Until now, I’ve published four books, all in the supernatural listing, but my stories are more about people than monsters.

I like to think at them as ‘Passion Plays’.

Passion plays originated in the Middle Age, they were written in Latin and consisted of Gospel readings alternating with poetic descriptions of events of Christ’s Passion. The vernacular for these poetic passages led to the development of independent vernacular plays. By the 16th century they were overtaken by secular influences and became popular entertainment.

Characteristic of passion plays was the theme of human experience of the universe, be it outside or inside. They often dealt with human nature itself, or our approach to the unknown, or more, to the fight between base needs versus enlightened thought.

All my characters experience passion plays. They must struggle against themselves, fight an angst overriding them, choose if being the man or the beast.

Axel Hyde (Feeding the Urge’s lead character) is torn between his attempts to behave as normal as his peers and his inner urge to kill bullies of all kinds. Captain Daniel Drake (Dead Men Tell No Tales) must fight his egotistical nature for a greater good. All experience an inner struggle. All must endure extreme hardships and grow through the process.

Seeking was one of the late medieval themes of late passion plays. Knights quested not just for holy relics, but the secrets of self-discovery. Success or failure on these searches is not as important as the insights learned while on it.

The voyage matters more than the destination.

And my characters embark on extraordinary voyages; be it the quest to get rid of a perceived demon, or the rite of passage to show you’re growing up and no longer a kid (Kamp Koko by Night in Spirits and Thought Forms anthology), or the final voyage of the Banshee’s Cry (Dead Men Tell No Tales).

Atmosphere of drama and the tragedy of ignorance also play a major role in my stories.

Civilization is always in decline (be it a zombie-ridden 16th century Caribbean Sea, or the decadence of Prosperity Glades; the fictional Floridian town in which events of Feeding and Spirits take place). 

Superstition and fear are everywhere. New ideas and borders are seen as heresy by the general characters in my stories. So my protagonists represent those few who try to break the bonds of ignorance and shed light on the mystical and unfathomable.

Now I’m writing an erotic thriller. There are no monsters in it, no mysterious creatures from the Spirit World. Yet, it is passion play. Another exploration of human baser nature. This time is a struggle between lust and morality.

And I’m enjoying it.

So, I hope one day I’ll be able to delete that tag ‘Horror Storyteller’ and replace it with ‘Passion Storyteller’.

Thank you for listening to my rants.

Jeffrey Kosh is the pen name of an American horror author now living in Thailand. He had various art experiences, before discovering his love for writing fiction. His various careers have led him to travel extensively worldwide, developing a passion for photography, wildlife, history, and popular folklore. 

All these things heavy influenced his writing style. Extroverted in public, he is very private in his work, preferring complete isolation to ‘tune’ his mind to the ‘Great Tales Radio’. He believes stories are already out there, waiting to be put on paper. Jeff currently lives in Ao Nang, with his wife and the mandatory three cats. Plus a lot of geckos. He loves kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, and never relaxes ...

Feeding the Urge
Spirits and Thought Forms: Tales from Prosperity Glades
Dead Men Tell No Tales
The South Will Rise Again


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