Thursday, 2 May 2013

Orangeberry FreeMe #308

Orangeberry FreeMe #308


Thursday, 2 May 2013

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Hate Dentists? J.L. Boone

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre - Personal Care

Rating - G

5 (5 reviews)

Free until 2 May 2013

Discover the dental hygiene secrets that your dentist never told you about.
Did you know that the health of your body is directly connected to the health of your teeth and mouth? With that in mind, have you been treating the health of your teeth and mouth with enough care? If you are like most people, you are probably shaking your head right now. But you are in luck! It is really easy to get on track and make some simple changes that will cause drastic changes in your mouth and overall health.
Let me ask you a couple of questions.
Are you tired of having cavities every trip to the dentist?
Are you tired of yellow teeth or bad breath?
Are you tired of sore gums or pain when chewing?
Chanced are you answered yes to one of those and you are not alone. But you may be one of the few that figures out how to solve all of these problems and have healthy teeth, healthy gums and a happy mouth because you are right here reading this right now.
It really is not difficult to take care of your mouth the correct way and have great oral hygiene. With just a couple of changes to your daily routine you can have amazingly clean teeth in no time. Your dentist is going to wonder what the heck happened when they see how much cleaner your teeth are and how little plaque build-up you have.
But it isn't just about taking care of your teeth directly. It has to do with what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat and also what products you use directly on your teeth. Not sure which mouthwash to buy? You'll know after reading Chapter 2. Unsure when or how often to floss? Your answers are inside.
But the real magic comes when you get to Chapter 4 and realize there are some magical foods out there that will take your oral care to a whole new level. This one food has been used by an entire country for hundreds of years in their oral hygiene. Wonder what it is? You'll find out.
If you are ready to take your dental hygiene into your own hands and in the most natural way possible, then you will love what you find inside of Healthy Teeth, Healthy Gums, Happy Mouth. None of this is theory, yet a lot of it is not known by most people. Taking care of your mouth is not difficult if you know exactly what to do and that is exactly what you will know after reading through this easy to read book.
Is the health of your mouth worth a couple of books and a few minutes of reading? I hope so and I hope you make the choice to have a happy and healthy mouth!


a perfect wife for Peregrine Winthop - Gwendoline Ewins

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre - Historical Fiction

Rating - PG13

4.7 (6 reviews)

Free until 6 May 2013

1857, Little Chormsby, in the South of England.
Peregrine tells us about the horror of his wedding night and his foreboding about the future with Marianna.
Six years later his fears are realised. There is no joy in his marriage - certainly none of the passion that surrounds him in Polynesia.
He is sustained by his work alone until fate intervenes and he grabs what is offered.
The Southern Seas Series tells the stories of people who find themselves - for all sorts of reasons - on remote coral islands in the 1800's. They include men and women, husbands and weives, daughters and sons, adventurers, seafarers, missionaries, traders, teachers, botanists, artists, beachcombers.
In "Who is He?" an artist is attracted by Polynesia's vibrant light but hadn't expected to bring a wife along with him. "A perfect wife for Peregrine Winthrop" tells the story of a young man who relies on others to choose the perfect wife for him only quickly to suffer the consequences. "Unexpected Hero" is about a man and a woman who have been acquainted forever but really only meet when he sails to her aid. "Drums" is the story of a destitute teacher witnesses the slaughter of a man she has never met yet agreed to marry, while a man thanks God for his wife's betrayal. "The Mistake" tells the story of a seafarer who blithely believes he is destined to live happily ever after with vivacious Susannah - until she makes a mistake he is unable to forgive.

3500: An Autistic Boy's Ten-Year Romance with Snow White - Ron Miles

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre - Memoir

Rating - G

4.8 (25 reviews)

Free until 6 May 2013

Benjamin, a nine-year-old autistic boy with a love of Disney, was taking his first trip to Walt Disney World. The last thing his parents expected was to see him come alive.
What followed was a remarkable tale of inspiration, heartbreak, dedication and joy as Benjamin's family relocated from Seattle to Orlando in order to capture that magic and put it to practical use. Amidst the daily challenges of life for an autistic child, Benjamin's passion for one particular theme park attraction would lead his family on a breathtaking journey of hope and discovery.
How many rides does it take for an ending to become a new beginning?

Just Evil - Vickie McKeehan

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre - Romantic Suspense

Rating - PG13

4.4 (88 reviews)

Free until 3  May 2013

The Evil Trilogy
Despite growing up together in their trendy Beverly Hills neighborhood, three best friends hide dark childhoods. The lives of Kit, Baylee and Quinn have been anything but perfect. Little do they know a stranger is about to unravel long, buried secrets, bringing the past back to life with a vengeance.

Just Evil

Kit Griffin has finally overcome a painful childhood at the hands of her mother, former actress Alana Stevens. No longer living in the grasp of the cold, tyrannical woman, Kit's life is finally on track. That is, until Alana is found brutally murdered on Mother's Day, pulling Kit back to the dark horrors of her past. To make matters worse, the police consider Kit the prime suspect.

Jake Boston is an old family friend and the man Kit has loved since she was a teen. He's fighting his own demons as a suspect in his wife's murder two years earlier. Despite his past, he's determined to win Kit over once and for all. But before that can happen they need to convince the police there's a killer working his way down a list with cold-hearted vengeance in mind.

Forced to delve into Alana's dark past, Jake and Kit uncover a forty-year-old double murder leading them straight to the door of a legal dynasty. Soon they find out just how far the heirs will go to keep the past buried.

Impact Point - Simon Rosser

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre - Action, Thriller

Rating - PG13

3.7 (3 reviews)

Free until 6 May 2013

Just after 7 AM on June 30th 1908 a massive air blast occurred over Tunguska in Siberia - the Tunguska event - caused by a meteorite or comet fragment. The blast released the same amount of energy as 185 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. The object is thought to have been around 120 feet in diameter. It will happen again, it's just a question of where and when...
Robert Spire, environmental lawyer, newly recruited to the UK's GLENCOM - Global Environmental Command - Unit is propelled into a roller coaster adventure through London, America and the Bahamas as he searches for the cause of some mysterious whale deaths. As the clues unfold, nothing can prepare him or the world, for the cataclysm that is about to unfold.
Roberts Spire's greatest adventure may be the world's last...
When the World's largest ever creature - a blue whale - dies in front of Robert Spire on his local Welsh beach, the UK's Department of the Environment and local population are ill prepared. When a second whale washes up dead on Myrtle Beach on the opposite side of the Atlantic, the scientific community starts asking questions.
Environmental lawyer Robert Spire; newly recruited to the UK's Global Environmental Command Unit - GLENCOM, flies over to South Carolina to investigate. Whilst there, he teams up with marine biologist Dr Sally Rivea, also assigned to the case. Meanwhile, ex-marine Travis Dexter is on the run in Nevada after he discovers the body of his employer - philanthropist Julian Smithies - murdered in his home. The only object missing; a recently discovered, rare and valuable meteorite.
On the island of Exuma In the Bahamas, four sport divers make a startling discovery at the bottom of Mystery Cave blue hole. Sixty miles offshore in the Caribbean Sea, drilling on the Proteus oil rig turns to disaster as the drill penetrates something hard on the ocean floor. Dr Rivea, at a loss to explain the high levels of the mineral olivine discovered in the whale's tissue samples, accompanies Spire to the Caribbean in search of answers, but what they discover doesn't bear thinking about...

Reveal - Brina Courtney

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre - Paranormal Romance

Rating - G

4.4 (85 reviews)

Free until 4 May 2013

You think seeing ghosts is weird? Tell me something I don't know.
My childhood best friend Jeremy happens to be a ghost.
My life is a puzzle, and the biggest piece missing has been my dad. Since his disappearance when I was six it's been tough, but Jeremy has been by my side through it all.
But now Jeremy has gone missing too and I feel like I'm never going to get all the answers I've been looking for.
Fate intervenes when Hugh, a real live college beefcake, starts taking an interest in me. He divulges that he also shares my little "gift" of seeing the dead and I know I'm finally getting closer to finding all the pieces.
However, the more the puzzle is completed, the more questions I have.
Senior year is hard enough as it is, but clearly I like a challenge.

Cast the First Stone - Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre - Cozy Mystery

Rating - PG13

4.8 (4 reviews)

Free until 4 May 2013

Cozy mystery CAST THE FIRST STONE introduces Los Angeles business reporter Rebecca Stone:
When asked to investigate the murder of a Wharton professor spending the summer term at UCLA, Rebecca Stone must also grapple with partnering with her former fiancĂ© who broke off their engagement to pursue a career on Wall Street. 
Recipes from the Jewish holiday book SEASONS FOR CELEBRATION by Rabbi Karen L. Fox and Phyllis Zimbler Miller (available on Amazon) are included in this cozy mystery.

A Guide to the Present Moment - Noah Elkrief

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK

Genre - Self Help

Rating - G

4.9 (28 reviews)

Free until 2 May 2013

Do you want to stop struggling with anxiety, stress, or fear about the future?
Do you want to stop holding on to anger, sadness, or guilt about something that happened in your past?
Do you want to stop worrying about what others think, or stop feeling the need to seek others' love, approval, and appreciation?
Do you want to stop judging others, getting angry at people, or feeling resentment in your relationships?
Do you want to stop judging yourself, feeling unworthy, or sensing that something is missing from your life?

It certainly seems as though these emotions are inevitable, and directly created by our circumstances, our situations, and the people in our lives. However, it is possible to discover that all your unwanted emotions are actually created by thoughts in your mind - thoughts about yourself, your relationships, your situations, your past, your future - and each of these emotions can vanish in an instant if you just stop believing these thoughts to be true.
If a random person tells you, "The world is going to end tomorrow", and you believe them, how would you feel? You would likely experience fear. But if you didn't believe them at all, then how would their comment make you feel? You almost certainly wouldn't be emotionally affected. This demonstrates that when you believe someone's words to be true, those words create emotions. But if you don't believe someone's words, those same words don't have the power to create emotions.
The same is true of the words (thoughts) in your mind. If you believe a negative thought about yourself or your life, that thought will create an unwanted emotion. However, if you don't believe that thought, it quite simply won't create the unwanted emotion.
This book will help you to experience the inherent peace of living in the moment by introducing you to a 5-step process that will show you how to identify and stop believing all of the thoughts that create your unwanted emotions and prevent you from feeling free, whole, and happy.
This book isn't theory and it's not philosophy. The content in this book is not meant to provide you with a strategy that may make you happy one day once you have practiced it for years, mastered it, and sacrificed for it. This isn't a process that requires you to trust in it, having faith that you will eventually reap the rewards.
This book is about disbelieving a thought that is causing you to suffer right now, thereby freeing you to enjoy the happiness of the present moment right now, and enabling you to feel happy in any situation where that thought would otherwise have created suffering.
As you disbelieve more and more of the thoughts that create your suffering, you will be happier in more and more situations, the more you will be living in the moment, and the more peace, love, laughter, wholeness, enthusiasm, and gratitude you will experience in your life.
Put differently, this book will help you to:

  • Experience peace in situations that used to be filled with stress
  • Live with a sense of a wholeness, worthiness, or completeness
  • Enjoy more love and stronger connections in your relationships with others
  • Discover who you are
  • Experience the freedom to act how you feel without worrying about others' opinions
  • Make decisions with ease and confidence (with your intuition)
  • Live in the moment or live the power of now (i.e. spiritually awaken)
  • Experience the fulfillment you have been searching for


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Books Sold - 6 Nov 2011 to 31 May 2012

Some of you have asked me for my total number of books sold to evaluate KDP Select so here it is. Bear in mind, that results will vary based on genre and author. Good luck and remember, Keep Moving Forward.

Total - 120,836

1. Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out
Amazon Kindle - 42,559
Paperback -
Smashwords -

2. Frequent Traveller
Amazon Kindle - 35277
Paperback -
Smashwords -

3. Dora's Essentials - Books, Blogs & Smiles 1
Amazon Kindle - 462
Smashwords -

4. Mirror Me Martha (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle - 281
Smashwords -

5. Drive On Hope (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle - 190
Smashwords -

6. Blog-A-Licious Directory 2012
Amazon Kindle - 1
Smashwords -

7. Pandora's Reading Room 1
Amazon Kindle -
Paperback - N/A

8. The Cat That Barked (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle -

9. Dora's Essentials - Examining Anxiety
Amazon Kindle -

10. Dora's Essentials - Books, Blogs & Smiles 2
Amazon Kindle -

11. Elevenses from Around the World
Amazon Kindle -

12. Genetically Modified Foods vs. Sustainability
Amazon Kindle -

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