Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Everybody Lies

Updated 17 July 2011

101 Lies We Tell & Believe
By Pandora Poikilos

There is a cocktail of deceit and ignorance we serve ourselves everyday and that is the delusion that we are completely innocent of telling lies. And when we do tell lies, we console ourselves that these lies are necessary white lies to spare someone else hurt or misery. But in telling a white lie, are you lying or telling the truth? So back to the title, everybody lies whether we want to admit to it or not. Yes, "we" because I am guilty of it just as you are.

Why this sudden train of thought? The recent scandal (of the Rupert Murdoch empire, News of the World, News International) that has rocked the journalism world has opened a can of worms which has thus far survived scrutiny. For the longest time, the masses believed people's curiosity deserve to be answered even if it is at the expense of someone else's privacy. Unregulated freedom of speech is power to the people. People are wise enough to regulate themselves and are intelligent enough to differentiate right from wrong. Yes, that is exactly why a 168 year old newspaper was forced to shut down. Right down to the core of this very creepy crawly can of worms lies one issue we so often choose to sidestep, the "truth".

We listen to what we want to hear. Once we have heard something we like, we tell ourselves this is the truth. Never mind if it is fact or fiction. Even better if it comes from someone important or from a majority. Popularity trumps accuracy. Responsibility for our actions be damned, the freedom to say anything we want reigns. In the words of Billy Bragg's latest release, Never Buy The Sun ...
And the parents of the missing girl cling desperately to hope
While a copper takes improper payments in a thick brown envelope
And nobody in the news room asks where this information comes from

International executives they hang their heads in shame
Tell us with their hands on heart that the paper board is to blame
But everyone who loves their kiss and tell
You must share the blame as well
And so in the spirit of all things unreal (as is the current state of a lot of things at the moment), here is a list of lies, lies and lies that we so often let slip or that we hear and believe, in no particular order of course .

#101 - I am fine
#100 - Your secret is safe with me
#99 - I respect your privacy
#98 - I understand how you feel
#97 - I am completely honest
#96 - I only want to make you happy
#95 - That dress looks great on you
#94 - It is wonderful to see you
#93 - Of course, I remember you
#92 - I'm on the way home
#91 - I just do not have the time
#90 - I meant to call you
#89 - People change
#88 - It is for your own good
#87 - I'll do it later
.... more to come


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