Saturday, 2 March 2013

Orangeberry FreeMe #251


Saturday, 2 March 2013
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Rosetta (Jim Meade: Martian P.I)
Rosetta - R. J. Johnson
Genre - Science Fiction
Rating - PG13
4.0 (23 reviews)
Free until 02 March 2013
Murder, betrayal, the fate of Humanity... it's all in a day's work for Jim Meade: Martian P.I.
In a slow orbit around the sun, just beyond Mars, a mining colony known as Rosetta houses thousands of Consortium citizens who mine the valuable ore Humanity uses for space travel. Over the last three years, Rosetta has grown exponentially, from a tiny mining colony, into an economic behemoth that threatens the delicate balance of power between The Consortium and Coalition - two nations who are still healing from a devastating nuclear war that turned Earth into a hellscape of hopelessness and despair.
After a prominent scientist for The Consortium dies in an apparent accident, Jim Meade is hired by the victim's family to find out what really happened to their father Dr. Sanjay Sinjakama. There, Meade finds himself caught up in a power struggle between the diabolical CEO of Nebula Mining Dimitri Koschei, and Lazarus Rincon, the charismatic leader of a vicious cult.
With the assistance of his friend and confidant (the beautiful Emeline Hunan), Meade races against the clock to find Sinjakama's murderer and prevent a catastrophic disaster that might mean the end of all life on Earth.
Part One: Flight of the Vessel (Vision Dream Series)
Flight of the Vessel - Robert Clifton Storey Jr.
Genre - Fantasy
Rating - PG
5.0 (3 reviews)
Free until 03 March 2013
Fleeing total annihilation; suffering deep loss; finding inner courage, discovering real magic; stumbling across a new love.
She thought she lost it all: home, family, and country. And she did. But what she gained in the process was a true friend and loyal protector, a new country to learn to love, and a secret holy quest that holds the promise of saving them all...
The usually secretive kingdom of Venordaladia is suddenly driven to world conquest by their new evil overlord, the Sorcerer Shutharja, who mysteriously rose to absolute power there overnight. This self-proclaimed cleric of the forbidden worship of the Fallen Spirits unleashes a massive attack of shock and awe upon the peaceful kingdoms surrounding the Imperial Sea. Now, the enemy horde gathers in the occupied kingdoms poised to complete their total domination...all for the glory of their overlord.
With her beloved kingdom of Palzintine ransacked and her dear parents thought slaughtered in the battle to defend her homeland, young Princess Angelterra and her wheatish-skinned protector, a lady knight named Jeela, must flee for their lives. During their desperate flight to a safe haven, the two young women are hunted by possessed creatures and dark agents of Shutharja as they try to reunite with the rest of their countryman, who are now refugees huddled in a neighboring kingdom. Unlike most princesses, Angelterra now has no court, no throne, no home, and no parents, but she must, nonetheless, learn to inspire her people to stay strong and resist the enemy.
During a chant ceremony, Angelterra experiences an intense, lucid vision, the Vision Dream. In this strange, wonderful vision two cryptic quest-riddles are bestowed upon her by the Spirit of the Heavenly Father. She realizes she must find a way to decipher these riddles, for she is convinced that they hold the key to once and for all thwarting Shutharja's ambitions. The young princess discovers that the Heavenly Father only reveals such quests to those whom he has chosen to be his Vessel. Angelterra must also find a way to make peace within herself over her new spiritual duty and her budding talent in the use of powerful magic, a talent she tries to deny she possesses. 
All the while, she finds her heart in conflict over two men. The first, an exiled prince and fellow freedom fighter whom she has always secretly loved, a man everyone believes she is destined to marry. However, the cruelty of fate rips this childhood friend from her and gives him to another. The second is a man to whom she is unwillingly, yet passionately, attracted, a man who despises everything her station brings. And yet...she cannot seem to get him out of her mind.
Meanwhile, the leaders of the remaining kingdoms meet to try to find a way to forestall Shutharja's terrible push for conquest. On their way to the allies' council, Angelterra and Knight Jeela are visited by a pack of suspect mercenaries with news about her parents who were thought to have perished in the first wave of the attack. Against her knights protests, the princess follows these men into the night as she desperately clings to the hope of finding her parents alive... 
Anna Jones Struggles': Dreams Coming To Reality
Anna Jones Struggles - Tresann Johnson
Genre - Drama
Rating - G
4.7 (3 reviews)
Free until 03 March 2013
Anna Jones, born to a Jamaican mother Agnes and a father John Jones is encompassed by a world of emotional distress, grief and poverty. It has been four years now since the tragic death of her father. Anna is a troubled teenager who wishes all her struggles will one day end. This catastrophic incident has left her and her mother in so much grieving but church brothers and sisters as well as neighbor Ms. Cherry pitched in to show support. She remembers her father’s teachings as he tried to instill good values in her from a tender age.
To Anna, her father was the only good man she ever knew. She wants nothing more than to make his high aspirations for her a reality. But the reality of Anna's surroundings means that she is constantly faced with financial hardship and temptations to fulfill her curiosity by straying to the bad side - the world of drugs, violence and sex filled with perverts and gang rapists just waiting to snatch her.
Will Anna ever overcome? Or will she have a tragic end?
THE MULE (Shahan Short Stories)
The Mule - Shahan Bernardez
Genre - Short Stories
Rating - G
4.6 (5 reviews)
Free until 03 March 2013
On October 27, 2005 Paris burned, starting a chain reaction that spread to other cities in France. The fires began in Clichy-sous-Bois, a Paris commune, when two north African boys were electrocuted after being chased by the police. Many cited the incident as proof of the country’s inability to integrate its minorities, but others claim it’s just the way human beings are: irrational, and inherently violent. Others, however, suggest supernatural causes.
Saving Ben
Saving Ben - Ashley Farley
Genre - New Adult, Women’s Fiction
Rating - PG13
4.6 (7 reviews)
Free until 03 March 2013
Life is sweet for Katherine Langley. A freshman at the University of Virginia, she is free from the drama of her parents’ dysfunctional marriage and ready to focus on studying to become a nurse. Her brother, Ben, belongs to the hottest fraternity on campus, and her new roommate, Emma, is beautiful and charming, a party girl whose answer for a hangover is happy hour. She is also a psychopath. When Katherine’s obsessive-compulsive overprotective brother succumbs to Emma’s charms and falls dangerously off-track, Katherine must save Ben from himself. Lives are threatened and someone disappears on New Year’s Day. The only evidence left: a single set of footprints in the snow.
From the university campus to a cozy cottage on Carter’s Creek, Virginia, Saving Ben is a haunting tale of love and loyalty, anger management, substance abuse, and betrayal.
An Introduction To Marc D Brown
An Introduction to Marc D. Brown - Marc D. Brown
Genre - Poetry
Rating - PG13
5 (4 reviews)
Free until 03 March 2013
With this collection of Poetry, you will be reading a modern take on a timeless art. Poetry to me has always been an escape either when reading or writing. I hope my words are enough to inspire more people to read and write poetry as it isn't always what you think.
This book is almost a journey into my mind, a little dark you may think after reading. With Poetry subjects touching on love, hate, depression and even just the average things we live through every day such as going to work or walking home from somewhere.
What keeps me ticking is the fact I don't think it's just me who thinks like this.
With something for everyone including lovers of poetry and new-comers, I believe this book will keep you enticed, intrigued and wanting more.
Miss Nobody (Shaw Family Saga, Book 1)
Miss Nobody - Nicole Dunlap
Genre - Drama, Family Saga
Rating - PG13
4.7 (27 reviews)
Free until 03 March 2013
A gripping story that parallels a disconnected mother-daughter relationship. When teenage flighty mother, Charlene, runs away, she embodies every young woman's dreams of going to Hollywood. Only her rugged road to stardom is laced with family dysfunction, deception, and lies. Most importantly, Charlene's reason to leave North Carolina is due to a fear that shakes her very core...her daughter, Raven.
Meanwhile, Raven grows up in her mom's tight-knit hometown as a Christian and can even be dubbed "Miss Goodie Two Shoes." But nothing can calm her rage when hearing gossip about her mom-she takes up for a woman she doesn't even know. Overcoming teen depression, she finds love. But she can't be fully committed to the man that has her heart until she learns why she's been neglected.
When mother's and daughter's path collide, Raven asks two requests-two family secrets that can ruin both of their lives. Leading mother and child on the road of feeling like a "Miss Nobody."
The Star Agency

The Star Agency - R.E. Weber
Genre - Children
Rating - PG
4.7 (3 reviews)
Free until 3 March 2013
So many of us dream of another life – a life of excitement and danger.
What if, in the darkest depths of despair, you suddenly had a chance to live that life?
Would you have the courage to chase that dream, even if you had to leave your friends, family and everything you knew behind?
Would you take that chance?
Theopolis James Logan is about to get that chance.
The Universe is about to come knocking on his door.
You Too Can Moonlight As An Amazon Bestseller (Beginner's Guide to Publishing on Amazon)
You Too Can Moonlight - Steve Swanson
Genre - Non Fiction
Rating - G
4.8 (15 reviews)
Free until 3 March 2013
Everything You Need To Write, Publish and Market Your eBook...How my eBook became a #1 Bestseller on Amazon in 8 days for less than $100. This 45 page eBook describes everything I went through from writing to publishing my first eBook on Amazon. As such this book is best suited for the beginning author. If you are like me and wish to write and publish your first eBook, this should help get you off the fence. I was very fortunate in that from the time I began writing my eBook until it became a #1 Bestseller in an Amazon category was only 19 days! Don't get me wrong...the idea for my first book had been on my mind for years. One day I decided to start researching the process to publish on Amazon and after spending a great many hours doing so, I simply decided to start to write. With the varied experiences we encounter in life many of us frequently say to ourselves "I could write a book about that". Well, this book shows you how to do that. In fact, it shows you how to do it in your spare time. Hence the word "Moonlight" in the title.
As a beginning author I found the process a bit intimidating at first. My goal is to pass on the knowledge I gained through hours of research on the topic. I wish to make it clear that this is the process I used. There are many different paths you could take to write an eBook. I am always looking for an easier way to go about things. Many times the subject is made out to be more complicated than it needs to be. I believe the process I followed could be followed by many beginning authors. That is not to say that an experienced author will not benefit from this book. Maybe you will find something that you can do to streamline your next book.
I cover two of the most concerning topics to me as I began my research. The cost to publish and how to do this on my own. I did not want to hire a publishing company for something that I had no idea would be successful. I just knew I had an idea but did not want to expend a lot of financial resources testing this out. After establishing the entire process, the one area that confused me the most was the proper formatting of an eBook. I did not even know what formatting meant when I began. As in everything, there seems to be an easy and hard way to go about this. Guess which direction I picked? It took some time, but I was finally able to establish a simple step by step process for formatting in Microsoft Word. I provide each step in the book. Most of us have Microsoft Word on our home computer and are generally familiar with its use so that made the most sense for me. There are many software options you could purchase, however then you start introducing cost and complexity in to the process. I also explain the cost of everything involved. Again, I found two different ways to go about this. As a banker I know how to manage a dollar. The total cost to complete this eBook was only $100. I explain exactly how I accomplished that. I did not want to jeopardize the quality of the product at the same time so it took some homework to find the best solutions at the lowest price possible. As time goes by, I may choose to upgrade to a more expensive process, but for now I think this works just fine.
There are many books on this subject; however I was not able to find one that covered everything that I was looking for to publish on Amazon. Many books I found cover just one step at a time. This covers the entire process I used from beginning to end as I published my eBook.


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1. Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out
Amazon Kindle - 42,559
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2. Frequent Traveller
Amazon Kindle - 35277
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3. Dora's Essentials - Books, Blogs & Smiles 1
Amazon Kindle - 462
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4. Mirror Me Martha (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle - 281
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5. Drive On Hope (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle - 190
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6. Blog-A-Licious Directory 2012
Amazon Kindle - 1
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7. Pandora's Reading Room 1
Amazon Kindle -
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8. The Cat That Barked (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle -

9. Dora's Essentials - Examining Anxiety
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10. Dora's Essentials - Books, Blogs & Smiles 2
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11. Elevenses from Around the World
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12. Genetically Modified Foods vs. Sustainability
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