Thursday, 4 April 2013

Orangeberry FreeMe #281

Orangeberry FreeMe #281
Orangeberry FreeMe

Thursday, 4 April 2013
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Broken Pieces - Rachel Thompson
Amazon Kindle US
Genre - Relationships / Women's Issues
Rating - PG15
4.9 (12 reviews)
Free until 25 December 2012

Welcome to bestselling author Rachel Thompson's newest work! Vastly different in tone from her previous essay collections A Walk In The Snark and The Mancode: Exposed,BROKEN PIECES is a collection of pieces inspired by life: love, loss, abuse, trust, grief, and ultimately, love again.
This is NOT a humor book!
Shades of Gray
Shades of Gray - Andy Holloman
Amazon Kindle US
Genre - Drama, Fiction
Rating - PG13
3.9 (135 reviews)
Free until 5th April 2013
How far would you go to save your child's life? Could you break the law?
What if your  business was suddenly in danger of going under because of 9/11 ?
A single father decides to partner up with woman from the opposite side of the tracks. 
Can their partnership deliver the cash they BOTH desperately need?
Could they fall in love? And will they survive to see the Summer of 2002?
Texas Jack - Bart Hopkins
Genre - Contemporary Fiction
Rating - PG13
5 (10 reviews)
Free until 6 April 2013
Meet Jack Leonard…
Jack was destined to be an alcoholic. His father, Billy, is a happy-go-lucky drunk from East Texas whose behavior varies from outdated to outrageous. He isn’t a bad person, but he tends to make bad decisions. Billy drives his life like he drives his truck: under the influence.
Against all odds, Jack escapes his fifty-percent-alcohol-by-volume fate. How? He meets a girl, of course. Samantha rescues Jack from his path of self-destruction. Fast-forward twenty years, and Jack’s life is nearly perfect: he has the job, the house, a wonderful marriage, and a 10-year-old son he loves more than anything.
But life is never it?
Texas Jack is a compelling story about family relationships, forgiveness, and finding harmony with those you love. From lighthearted and humorous to achingly painful, it captures real people, at their best and worst, and chronicles the choices they must make along the way.
S’wanee - Don Winston
Genre - Suspense, Thriller
Rating - PG13
4.4 (25 reviews)
Free until 4 April 2013
A spellbinding campus. A new family of friends. A semester of death.
High school senior Cody's prayers are answered when he's recruited on scholarship to the college of his dreams: a stunning and prestigious school tucked high in the Tennessee hills.
But the dream turns living nightmare when his classmates start to die off mysteriously. Is it Cody's imagination, or are his friends' tragic deaths a sinister legacy handed down through the generations? And is he next on the roll call?
A coming-of-age, paranoid thriller in the vein of Ira Levin, "S'wanee" weaves psychological suspense with dark humor in its brutal descent to a shocking climax.
Dremiks - Cassandra Davis
Genre - Science Fiction
Rating - PG13
4.6 (13 reviews)
Free until 5 April 2013
"Dremiks" is a story of adventure and intrigue set on humanity's first inter-stellar transport. The stated mission for the crew and colonists of the Hudson is to travel across the universe and save the doomed planet of Dremiks. During their seven month journey, though, they learn that human beings have not fundamentally changed--jealousy and greed are still powerfully motivating characteristics.
The characters of "Dremiks" are surrounded by shifting loyalties, saboteurs, deceitful aliens, and all of the dangers of space travel. Friendships evolve, relationships unravel, and there's still a planet to be saved. This is the space-opera that will suck you in and keep you up late at night.
The Diet Dropout's Guide to Natural Weight Loss - Stan Spencer, PhD
Genre - Health / Fitness
Rating - PG
4.5 (62 reviews)
Free until 5 April 2013
This book isn't about the latest celebrity diet, wonder food, or miracle supplement. It's about creating a personalized weight loss plan—your own easiest path to naturally thin. While you can lose weight with almost any diet, keeping the weight off is much more difficult, requiring permanent changes in eating and exercise habits. This book provides a science-based approach for making those changes in a way that works best for you, without wasting time, money, or effort.
Dr. Spencer explains why we gain weight and why the fat lost by dieting almost always comes back. He then presents an array of practical weight loss tools for controlling emotional eating, calming cravings, boosting metabolism, and improving nutrition and exercise. In the final chapter he has you create a natural weight loss plan based on your unique set of needs, abilities, and preferences. Simple recipes are provided for weight loss foods that reduce cravings and prolong satisfaction. 
What this book offers is a solid approach to weight loss—self-directed, gradual, and lasting—in contrast to the quick but fleeting weight loss offered by most one-size-fits-all diet plans. 
Goal Setting for Weight Loss - P. Seymour
Genre - Weightloss
Rating - PG
4.9 (12 reviews)
Free until 5 April 2013
Whether you are working to lose 100 lbs or that last 20 lbs, you will need to have some type of actionable plan for achieving your goals and hitting your targets along the way.
This book will help you to recognize the power of goal setting as it relates to health and weight loss success and help you to map out goals and a strategy that will work for you.
This book, like the previous volumes, is a quick read told from a very real perspective. 
If you're looking for some direction and help with mapping out your strategy to lose a lot of weight or if you are struggling to set goals that will help you to lose those last few pounds, then "Goal Setting for Weight Loss" is for you!
4 Ingredients or Less Cookbook - Maria Holmes
Genre - Cooking
Rating - G
4.6 (8 reviews)
Free until 4 April 2013
Most home cooks want fast, practical meal options that can help them get in and out of the kitchen quickly - and this collection of 33 recipes makes cooking even faster and easier. My tested recipes have short ingredient lists and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Each recipe require four ingredients or less (excluding water, oil, cooking spray, salt, pepper, and optional ingredients).
These recipes were also designed with your health in mind, and each recipe includes a nutritional analysis.

In the introduction to the book, you will discover 5 simple tips that can significantly reduce the time you spend in the kitchen preparing meals. 
But the "meat and potatoes" of this book are the amazingly simple to prepare recipes, including:
  • Grilled Shrimp Brushetta
  • Wild Mushroom Pizza
  • Thai Shrimp Curry
  • Sweet Potato and Pomegranate Spinach Salad
  • Creole Chicken Soup
  • Portobello Paninis
  • Toasted Israeli Couscous with Cherries
  • Chocolate-Raspberry-Coconut Cake
You will also get 3 superfast menus that will make weeknight cooking easy, with streamlined "game plans" and quick recipes that will help you put a main dish and a delicious side on the table in a snap.
These are easy recipes that will bring exciting new possibilities to your dining table, and most importantly, they will help you find more time to enjoy life!
Professor Kompressor - Nils Andersson
Genre - Children, Humor
Rating - G
4.8 (4 reviews)
Free until 8 April 2013
Professor Kompressor is an inventor. He is excellent at inventing, but the inventions are not always excellent.
This first collection of Professor Kompressor stories recalls a number of episodes from his inventing career. The ideas may seem sound, and perhaps quite original, but they don't always work out as intended. In fact, they very rarely do. It was perhaps predictable that an invisibility cloak would be easily mislaid, but who could have guessed that tinkering with an old Volkswagen Beetle would be so dangerous? There is plenty of evidence that Professor Kompressor is a genius, but this does not in anyway prevent him from accidents and mishaps.
This book is aimed a children of all ages and is intended to inspire developing minds. The Professor is a fictional character and the adventures are completely made up. Yet, the various episodes draw on ideas from science and the modern world. They show that you can have a lot of fun with science and technology, especially if you allow for a little bit of creative mis-interpretation.
From Professor Nils Andersson, an authority on matters of gravity and the extremes of our weird and wonderful Universe.
ROWLF! - S. Moo
Genre - Children
Rating - G
5.0 (8 reviews)
Free until 5 April 2013
A fun story for kids that follows an adorable cat and goofy dog - Fassa and Rocky - who learn the valuable life lesson: You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover
After months of contemplating the big, LOUD bark coming from a neighboring yard, Fassa finally gathers the courage to venture over and see who is making all that noise!
Feeling confident with his new collar, Fassa sets out to investigate the barking that has been plaguing him all winter. When a “mini-human” intervenes, Fassa cannot turn back. To Fassa’s surprise, the big, LOUD bark was coming from a big, friendly dog all along!
Fassa and Rocky are instant pals, and spend the day honing their “adventure skills.” At the end of the day, Fassa heads home to tell Ally about his new friend and realizes: You can’t judge a dog by his bark.
Abandon - Blake Crouch
Genre - Thriller
Rating - R
4.0 (94 reviews)
Free until 8 April 2013
On Christmas Day in 1893, every man, woman and child in a remote gold mining town disappeared, belongings forsaken, meals left to freeze in vacant cabins; and not a single bone was ever found. One hundred thirteen years later, two backcountry guides are hired by a history professor and his journalist daughter to lead them into the abandoned mining town so that they can learn what happened. With them is a psychic, and a paranormal photographer—as the town is rumored to be haunted. A party that tried to explore the town years ago was never heard from again. What this crew is about to discover is that twenty miles from civilization, with a blizzard bearing down, they are not alone, and the past is very much alive.
Down The Path - Travis Mohrman
Genre - Dystopia, Science Fiction
Rating - PG13
4.5 (24 reviews)
Free until 7 April 2013
Hundreds of years after the collapse of civilization, the world Cooper lives in is bleak. Burdened with an impossible prophecy since birth, he is asked to save what remains of his small village by venturing outside the walls and facing the unknown on a journey that no one has ever survived. All he is looking for is hope, but he finds so much more...
DOWN THE PATH is a post-apocalyptic novel centering on hope for the future. It chronicles what a young man must do to survive in a land filled with invasive species run rampant in the absence of people. It incorporates a good deal of real world survival skills that the author is well versed in. At its core, its simply an adventure story about a man and his dog.
Creatures of Appetite - Todd Travis
Genre - Suspense, Thriller
Rating - R
4.8 (20 reviews)
Free until 5 April 2013
They call it the Heartland Child Murders.
Everyone else calls it a nightmare.
Locked doors don’t stop him.
He leaves no trace behind.
He only takes little girls.
His nickname…
The Iceman.
A deranged serial killer roams wintry rural Nebraska targeting little girls with a demented purpose that no one can fathom.
Special Agent EMMA KANE, a former DC cop and damaged goods now with the FBI, is assigned to baby-sit burned out profiler JACOB THORNE, once the best in the business but now said to have lost his edge, as they both fly to Nebraska to catch this maniac.
Thorne is erratic, abrasive and unpredictably brilliant, but what he and Kane find in the heartland is much more than anyone bargained for, especially when the Iceman challenges them personally, where it hurts most.
The clock is ticking and a little girl’s life is on the line.
And maybe even more with that, once they find out what he’s really up to.
Bawlfred Cries An Ocean - Maria Calanchini
Genre - Kids, Fiction
Rating - G
5 (6 reviews)
Free until 8 April 2013
Bawlfred Cries An Ocean is an adventure book for children. Who is Bawlfred and why is he crying an ocean? Bawlfred is a bawl baby Goop boy, who bawls over just about anything. The Goops are funny little characters named after the naughty habits of children. Bawlfred is named as such because he isn’t very brave and he cries a lot but he is very generous and loves to help others. Bawlfred cries himself into an ocean and ends up calling on his own bravery to help a baby jellyfish escape a snapping sea turtle. As Bawlfred learns to be brave he inspires the baby jellyfish to save them both from the menacing sea turtle. This is a children’s adventure book that ignites the imagination. Get Bawlfred Cries An Ocean now.
If you are looking for an online children's book that falls into the adventure books for kids category (4-10) you will find it in the Goop Tales Adventures series.
Trail of Bones - Chris Salisbury
Genre - Fantasy
Rating - PG13
4.5 (11 reviews)
Free until 5 April 2013
Magnus, the runt of a litter of Shade Wolves, wants nothing more than to be a loyal, strong member of the pack. But when an ancient enemy threatens his friends and family, he faces a choice that could tear him from all he's known and loved.
Born in captivity, the giant panther Kelor knows nothing but suffering and loss. He struggles to find his place in this world of terror, and he battles to protect his family without succumbing to the darkness lurking inside him.
Falling captive to the evil Warden, the two are forced to fight in the battle of the beasts known as 'The Trail of Bones'. How will Kelor and Magnus learn to work together? How will they escape a fate of despair and death? How will their choices affect their comrades? Their enemies? And the forgotten magic that could doom all life of their world?



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Books Sold - 6 Nov 2011 to 31 May 2012

Some of you have asked me for my total number of books sold to evaluate KDP Select so here it is. Bear in mind, that results will vary based on genre and author. Good luck and remember, Keep Moving Forward.

Total - 120,836

1. Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out
Amazon Kindle - 42,559
Paperback -
Smashwords -

2. Frequent Traveller
Amazon Kindle - 35277
Paperback -
Smashwords -

3. Dora's Essentials - Books, Blogs & Smiles 1
Amazon Kindle - 462
Smashwords -

4. Mirror Me Martha (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle - 281
Smashwords -

5. Drive On Hope (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle - 190
Smashwords -

6. Blog-A-Licious Directory 2012
Amazon Kindle - 1
Smashwords -

7. Pandora's Reading Room 1
Amazon Kindle -
Paperback - N/A

8. The Cat That Barked (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle -

9. Dora's Essentials - Examining Anxiety
Amazon Kindle -

10. Dora's Essentials - Books, Blogs & Smiles 2
Amazon Kindle -

11. Elevenses from Around the World
Amazon Kindle -

12. Genetically Modified Foods vs. Sustainability
Amazon Kindle -

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