Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Muffled Voices in the Dark

By Paula Renaye

Last night, as I was about to go to sleep, I heard a muffled voice, coming from somewhere across the room. The sound wasn't clear and I couldn't understand the words, but as I lay there in the dark, it sounded like the scratchy voice was repeating a phrase, over and over…

Okay, I could go on and make something up about spirits, ghosts or whatever, but the truth is I was pretty sure I knew what was going on--my Bluetooth was talking to me. Granted, I've heard stories of otherworldly beings making contact through electronics, but that didn't cross my mind last night and I certainly wasn't frightened about anything. I was, however, mildly annoyed. 

Although I couldn't make out the words, it sounded like the typical message when the wireless device connects and disconnects itself. Since I've been having trouble with my smart phone, I figured it was somehow related to that, so I ignored it and went to sleep. 

This morning, however, the thing was still at it. I tried turning it off then back on--multiple times--but the lights kept flashing funny colors at me. I even reintroduced the apparently unhappy couple by formally re-pairing the unit from the settings on the phone. I did a lot of things, but nothing stopped the annoying voice. 

Since I was trying to work, I had two choices: make it stop permanently (turning it off via button or hammer) or figure out the problem. I liked the hammer idea, but I knew I would regret it later so, I chose to do the unthinkable. I put on the Bluetooth so I could hear exactly what the voice kept yammering on about.
Funny what actually listening to what's being said will get you. Turns out the message wasn't about connecting and disconnecting at all. The persistent voice was telling me that I needed to recharge the unit pronto or I wouldn't be using it--maybe ever. 

Unlike the voice on some GPS units, Bluetooth Lady wasn't getting hateful about it, which I appreciated, so I didn't feel compelled to snarl back at her. Still, the unit needing charging didn't make sense because I had plugged it in last night--and unplugged it this morning to bring it with me to my desk. Taking her at her word, however, I dutifully trotted it back to its charging cord. And that's when I saw the problem: It wasn't plugged into the wall. Okey dokey.

A long story detailing a trivial event perhaps, but isn't that what we do a lot of times in other ways? We don't really pay attention until we've exhausted all other options? 

How often are we are so sure we know what someone is saying or meaning that we don't really bother listening to what is actually being said? I'm certainly guilty of it. But, on occasion when I actually realize it (sooner than today, one would hope), I shut my mouth and open my ears. And when I do, I don't always hear what I thought I was going to. 

Same goes for only half-listening to what someone is saying because you're busy composing your own pity and highly essential commentary (Yes, guilty again).We all know when we aren't being listened to--we can feel it--and it doesn't feel good. When someone isn't listening to us--or we aren't listening to the other person--it's not a conversation, it's a speech. 

Okay, the Bluetooth lady obviously couldn't feel that I was ignoring her, but when I finally realized it and took responsibility for the communication, things improved for both of us. She got plugged in like she wanted and needed and I got her to shut up about it. As a bonus for finally listening, I was also going to actually be able to use the device when I needed to. It was a win-win-win for me, but I sure worked hard not to have to accept it!

So, what are your muffled voices trying to tell you? Who are you hearing, but not really listening to? What would change if you did?

Here's to saying "I hear you" and meaning it!

* * * *
Paula Renaye is life coach, speaker and an award-winning author of fiction and nonfiction. Her acclaimed personal development guide, The Hardline Self Help Handbook has won Four National Book Awards.
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