Monday, 15 October 2012

Orangeberry FreeMe #114

Monday, 15 October 2012

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for LOVE and VENGEANCE - Johnny Ray
Genre – Romance, Thriller
Rating – PG13
4.8 (9reviews)
Free until 19 October 2012
FOR LOVE AND VENGEANCE When everyone lies to you—trust your gut instinct If that fails—start over For your love deserves the best And murderous terrorist your vengeance May God have mercy on their soul. 

Both the Americans and the Russians think Victoria works for them exclusively. In truth; the Pack, an International Crime Syndicate, brutally controls her while they launder money in America by buying distressed houses for terrorist sleepers. While she executes the perfect escape, staging her death during a shark attack, she makes one mistake—she meets Royce, who worked as a special operative several years earlier, the night before disappearing. Royce, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with any American led special operations after he had been lied to in order to keep him focus on his prior mission. 

His girlfriend had been abducted and brutally murdered earlier while they had kept him in the dark. The last thing he had ever expected was another woman in his life, especially a Russian spy. Furthermore, he never would have believed that she would be the one thing that would encourage him to finish a mission that he should have taken care of the first time.

Royce is well trained on how to discover the truth, so although Victoria's apparent shark attack was well conceived he knows better. He had used the life of a surfer bum for years as his cover. The more lies he uncovers, the more suspicious he becomes until finally he feels like he has little choice. His prior operation was so top secret even the CIA were told nothing He didn't need them then, and he sure the hell didn't need them this time either. The last time it was for country—this time it was going to be personal.

Vile Blood – Max Wilde
Genre – Horror
Rating – R
4.7 (7 reviews)
Free until 16 October 2012
"Nasty. Can't wait for the sequel." - JACK KETCHUM 4 X Bram Stoker Award-winning author THREE DESPERATE PEOPLE FLUNG TOGETHER IN A FLESH FRENZY OF BLOOD-DRENCHED HORROR Terror has left Skye Martindale muted and stunted for most of her seventeen years. Terrified of the dark Other that lives within her. The Other that must be suppressed and controlled. At all costs. 

Then one night an act of random violence unleashes a savagery so ferocious that she is forced to face who--and what--she really is. Fear and grief have ravaged Deputy Sheriff Gene Martindale, leaving him cold and remote, haunted by the lies he has told the world--and himself--about his foundling sister. But now the lying is over and he has to protect his young son from Skye. Even if that means killing her. For five long years Junior Cotton--the twisted sadist who slaughtered Gene's wife and unborn child--has been a caged animal. Now he's broken loose and he's coming after Gene and his sister. To take revenge and to reveal the truth about Skye. A truth that will damn her for eternity. 

 "Beyond horror. One of the most intense, graphic books I have ever read. The imagination of Max Wilde is a thing to behold." ELIZABETH A. WHITE - FLORIDA TIMES-UNION "VILE BLOOD has characters you care about, a nasty wit and a strange kind of charm. Can't wait for the sequel." - JACK KETCHUM, author of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR & THE WOMAN 

 "VILE BLOOD by Max Wilde, alias Roger Smith, has the same wicked pace, wonderful prose and compulsory vibe that keeps the pages flying in his crime novels, but be warned, this is something very different from Smith. This is more violent and bloodier than anything we've seen from him yet, with true stomach-churning horror that takes no prisoners." - DAVE ZELTSERMAN, author of MONSTER & THE CARETAKER OF LORNE FIELD 

 Max Wilde is the pen name of award-winning crime writer, Roger Smith. Read more about pen names, doppelgängers, horror comics and slasher movies here:

Sara's Game – Ernie Lindsey
Genre – Suspense
Rating – PG13
4.8 (5 reviews)
Free until 18 October 2012
Two years ago, Sara's husband left for the gym one morning...and never came back. His car was found. He wasn't. Unbelievably, the police report said, "No foul play suspected." There were a few unreliable sightings over the following months, but little else. Now, on the last day before summer break, her three children have gone missing from their schools, all at the same time. And the note under her windshield wiper asks one foreboding question: Are you ready to play the game?

Fictionary! 300 Addictive Word Games – The Manshoes Family
Genre – Puzzles, Games
Rating – G
4.8 (13 reviews)
Free until 16 October 2012
Play the FICTIONARY word game on Kindle anytime, anywhere. Fictionary is a word game in which players must guess the definition of an obscure word hidden amongst a list of believable (and often hilarious) word definitions. People who like Puzzles, Brain Teasers and Word Games will enjoy playing this fun game on Kindle. FICTIONARY will sharpen your vocabulary in a fun new way. This Kindle Game is great for: -Waiting Rooms -Dinner Parties -Dorm Parties -Bedtime Reading -Trivia Nights -Travel Game -Group Fun ...and MORE!

 Simple controls make it easy to play any way you want, whether you're a casual or experienced FICTIONARY player. You can play Fictionary with friends, or play as a solo game. As a solo-game, Fictionary aids in vocabulary development by word discovery and also provides many stimulating brain teasers. However, playing for laughs, especially with friends, can be more entertaining :)

Bad Medicine – J.D. Faver
Genre – Romantic Thriller
Rating – PG13
4.3 (19 reviews)
Free until 17 October 2012
BAD MEDICINE: 94k word mystery/suspense/romantic thriller Unable to escape her past, Chloe Palmer returns to the Texas coast for her murdered father's funeral and to face Rafael Solis, the man she left behind. Rafael never gave up hoping for Chloe's return. She inherits her father's shrimp boat and irascible crew, enabling her to make a living. Rafael's passion breaks down her emotional barriers, but her impetuous nature draws her into a cruel vortex where she runs afoul of old and new enemies.

Previous rivalries emerge, pitting Rafael against the heir-apparent to a crime dynasty. With the body count rising, Rafael and Chloe battle an infatuated but vicious drug lord, kidnappers, and a twisted curandero (Mexican healer). Will they survive the violence and be able to forge a life together?

The Parent Pact – Laurie Kellogg
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Rating – R
5 (11 reviews)
Free until 16 October 2012
Cinderella and Prince Charming never had to consider the welfare of their children When widower Tyler Fitzpatrick meets Annie Barnes at his daughter's school, his libido goes tilt. The sexy single mother is everything he and his grieving little girl need. Unfortunately, Annie flatly refuses his dinner invitation. She wants a husband and a father for her son—not just a boyfriend. And the last time she checked, wealthy, summa-cum-laude lawyers didn't marry high-school-drop-out housekeepers.

 Tyler concedes there's a vast difference between their experiences and lifestyles. Still, he's inexplicably drawn to the impoverished young woman—even though her little boy reminds Tyler of an underprivileged past he'd rather forget. While becoming better acquainted, he offers Annie a job caring for his daughter and home in Redemption, PA. He also proposes a Parent Pact—an agreement to become role models to each other's child and to fill one another's needs as single parents while they continue to search for true love. Accepting Tyler's offer would solve a lot of Annie's problems.

However, surrendering to her weak-in-the-knees attraction to the irresistible widower could very well leave her and her son heartbroken. Yet, when circumstances threaten her ability to feed her child, Annie reluctantly agrees to the pact, making it clear she has no desire for Tyler to fill her so-called needs in bed. It's a bald-faced lie, but she knows the man's desperation to give his daughter the nurturing she needs will compel him to accept a purely platonic relationship. Now, Annie's only problem is resisting the overwhelming temptation to let sin-in-a-tailored-suit Tyler seduce her.

Meant For Her – Amy Gamet
Genre – Romantic Suspense
Rating – PG13
4.2 (21 reviews)
Free until 19 October 2012
A code that only she can break… A man that only she was made for… A raging fire consumes a Florida hotel room, leaving behind the charred remains of a mystery man and the key to a safe deposit box. What's inside leads investigators to Julie Trueblood, a woman who is not what she seems, and a secret that only she can decipher. Julie's life has been devastated once before, and she has spent the last ten years trying to separate herself from history.

 The fire forces open the door to her past, bringing her face-to-face with her greatest fears, and her only hope for the future. As the Navy investigator on the case, Hank Jared realizes he's three steps behind the moment he walks in the door. While he works to unravel the truth behind his assignment, passion ignites between him and Julie. Will he choose the love of a woman he doesn't completely trust, or the Navy career he has worked for his entire life?

Hale's Point – Patricia Ryan
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Rating – R
5 (3 reviews)
Free until 16 October 2012
While house-sitting at a waterfront estate, straight-laced Harley is stunned by the arrival of her employer's supposedly dead son, a maverick Alaskan bush pilot recovering from wounds suffered in an airplane crash. Witty and passionate, Hale's Point (originally published as The Return of the Black Sheep) was honored with Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award. "For twenty years, Tucker Hale has been estranged from his father and presumed dead.

To his surprise, it is not his father he encounters one night when he returns home, but Harley Ann Sayers, a young woman who is spending her summer house-sitting. Still recovering from injuries sustained in a plane crash, Tucker walks with a cane. Having some experience in therapy work, Harley offers to help him heal. Even though he feels the swimming will not help, he agrees to her idea of working in the pool just to please her. The added incentive of Harley's 'if you can catch me you can have me' didn't hurt either! But soon Tucker's father will come home and old feelings and accusations must be dealt with.

Old wounds seem harder to heal than new ones for these wonderful, deserving characters. The healing power of a loved one is extraordinary. Passionate, playful, powerful!


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Books Sold - 6 Nov 2011 to 31 May 2012

Some of you have asked me for my total number of books sold to evaluate KDP Select so here it is. Bear in mind, that results will vary based on genre and author. Good luck and remember, Keep Moving Forward.

Total - 120,836

1. Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out
Amazon Kindle - 42,559
Paperback -
Smashwords -

2. Frequent Traveller
Amazon Kindle - 35277
Paperback -
Smashwords -

3. Dora's Essentials - Books, Blogs & Smiles 1
Amazon Kindle - 462
Smashwords -

4. Mirror Me Martha (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle - 281
Smashwords -

5. Drive On Hope (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle - 190
Smashwords -

6. Blog-A-Licious Directory 2012
Amazon Kindle - 1
Smashwords -

7. Pandora's Reading Room 1
Amazon Kindle -
Paperback - N/A

8. The Cat That Barked (Short Story)
Amazon Kindle -

9. Dora's Essentials - Examining Anxiety
Amazon Kindle -

10. Dora's Essentials - Books, Blogs & Smiles 2
Amazon Kindle -

11. Elevenses from Around the World
Amazon Kindle -

12. Genetically Modified Foods vs. Sustainability
Amazon Kindle -

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