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Remedial Self Help - The Secret Before The Secret

By Paula Renaye

Have you ever felt like you were balancing on the edge of a razor blade with no good way off? That no matter what you did—or didn’t do—it was going to hurt—badly?

I have. And I literally spent years tied up in knots, not knowing what to do about it. During those dark times, I worked with a lot of books and programs and I learned a lot. Some things did get better, but I just couldn’t get to great—and it really bothered me. It seemed as though everyone else was getting it. So, what was I doing wrong? What was wrong with me?

The movie The Secret was, and is, one of my favorites. It truly inspired me and I was ready to do anything to get The Law of Attraction working for me. I diligently took notes on what I needed to do to align myself with all the good stuff I wanted in my life. I was ready for what I wanted to want me!

But just because I understood the concept intellectually—and was inspired by all the miraculous stories of manifested success in the movie and elsewhere—it didn't mean that I could instantly make things work that way in my life.

I knew what I was supposed to do, but I was still stuck. And besides that, I didn't really know what I wanted to manifest. If someone ever asked me what I wanted, I simply went blank—I didn't really know what I wanted my life to be like.

I knew what it had looked like and what I’d been trained that it should look like, but was that really want I wanted?

Or, more accurately, I was afraid to really let myself think about what I wanted. Because if I did, I knew some things in my life would have to change—things that I di.

That's really why I wrote The Hardline Self Help Handbook—to help people who are in the same boat I was, people who feel stuck and yet are afraid to be un-stuck—people who need to know the secrets before The Secret.

For me, before any serious manifesting could take place, I had to figure out why it wasn't already. It seemed like I was doing the "right" things, but I was still miserable. Why?

What I eventually realized was that no matter what I consciously said I wanted to do, there was something else controlling what I was going to do. My conscious and subconscious operating systems were operating from two vastly different scripts—one I didn't even know about—and it was keeping me stuck in confusion and misery.

The Hardline Self Help Handbook is the book I needed. It gives readers a roadmap out of the muck. Yes, it takes effort—you have to answer the questions honestly—but if you will, you can figure out how to create the life you truly want. For me, that meant that I had to do the very last thing I wanted to do—the one thing my subconscious programming was convinced would kill me. And yet, doing that—and changing the old belief system attached to it—was the only way I could find joy and happiness.

Now, all that said, it doesn't mean that my life didn't look good, it did. It doesn't mean I didn't seem happy, I did. But that wasn't the real picture.

In fact, as odd as it may seem, my "therapy" books were actually my mystery novels that I started writing almost 20 years ago—I write fiction under Paula Boyd and have won a literary award on that side of the fence as well. But as humorous as they are—and some people say they are hysterically so—they were a safe way for me to venture into my past and my old fearful programming.

In my fictional world, I could dabble bits of my own traumas onto the stage and allow my characters to say, think and feel things that I couldn't. I could also make things "right" in some way—at least in my mind.

In presentations, I usually joke that fiction is a great way to deal with anybody who every did you wrong because you can just kill them—slowly and painfully if necessary. It generally gets a laugh because we can all relate to having those kinds of thoughts—if only for a second.

Now, it never actually worked out for me to follow through on my evil plans--I've never fictionally killed a real life "villain" in one of my books. Oh, I set out with plenty of homicidal intentions, but that's why it was therapeutic—by the time I worked through the underlying garbage of why I wanted to, I didn't need to anymore.

Again, that's why I wrote Hardline. I wanted to give others a shortcut out of the pain that I stayed stuck in for way too long. I wanted to give people a way to clear the path so the principles in The Secret can work.

In truth, there are no secrets. We all know these things. We know what to do. Most of us just won’t take the time to do it.

So, here’s my challenge to you—and it’s also the subtitle of the book—What are you willing to do to get what you really want?

Take the time to uncover your own secrets and live your joy!

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Paula Renaye is a life transformation and empowerment speaker, certified professional life coach, regression hypnosis practitioner and multi-award-winning author. Her new release, The Hardline Self Help Handbook, is the winner of the Indie Excellence Finalist Award and the Readers Favorite Finalist Award. Visit www.hardlineselfhelp.com for more practical tips on living healthy and happy in all areas of life.


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