Saturday, 28 April 2012

Slow Motion B&W or Real Live 3-D?

By Paula Renaye

What if every time you turned on the TV, you sat down and watched the same old black and white movies on the same channel? They're okay, and they pass the time, but they really aren't what you enjoy. You love golf. The way the pros make the little white ball dance to their own tune is just amazing! In fact, you wish you could eat, sleep and breathe golf. Yet, every day, you come home from work, turn on the TV and sit and stare at those old black and white reruns of movies you've seen a hundred times.

Every now and then, you get lucky and someone walks onto the screen with a golf bag. Your heart soars! If the guy makes it to the golf course and takes as swing, well, you're practically beside yourself with glee. But, most of the time, you're just apathetically sitting there, wishing things were different, enduring because they're not and believing there's no way they ever could be.

But, what if you remembered that by changing one little thing, you could change everything? What if you remembered you had a choice? What if you remembered all you had to do was change one little thing--the channel--and you could instantly be watching what you really want to? You wouldn't have sit and wait, hoping for a glimpse of a golf course to flash onto the screen during some drug commercial. You'd be watching what you love every moment.

And who knows, maybe after watching for a bit, you might even realize you could actually be out on the course yourself, playing the game. Instead of watching others do what you love, you could be out there, smelling the fresh-cut green grass under your feet as you swing your shiny club and send that little white ball sailing through the blue sky toward the flag. You could be living--and loving it!

If you're not living the life you really want, isn't it time you started figuring out why? Isn't it time you figured out how you can? What are you waiting for? What's your excuse?

Start right now and think about something you would love to do, but don't. List five reasons why you can't, won't or don't. Look at each one and see if it's really true--if there's a legitimate physical reason you can't at this moment--or if it's just an excuse or if you're avoiding it because of deeper issues.

Whatever the case, look at your list carefully, then make a new list of ten things you can do that will start making what you want a reality--things you can do that will get you closer in some to what you want. Then, pick one item and do it.

If you need to make a phone call and find out when the next scuba class starts--do it. If you need to look online and find the nearest rock climbing gym, get to it. Need to know what all that gear is going to cost, start pricing it. Find out what time the museum opens and what's showing at the theater. Do something toward your desires. Just getting information and looking at options is part of the doing. And, when you're actively doing, you stop seeing excuses why you can't have what you want and start seeing ways you can.

You don't have to watch your life go by in a black and white, slow motion haze, hoping to find a little pleasure in whatever happens along the way. You can choose to live your life on purpose. You can choose to get out there in the real 3-D world and start experiencing the real versions of 3-D living color and surround sound!

Stop watching, get busy and start doing!


Paula Renaye is author of The Hardline Self Help Handbook, which has won Four National Book Awards. Visit for more inspirational and motivational articles, tips, techniques and free downloads.

Paula is also a literary-award-winning fiction author, and her Jolene Jackson Mystery Series by Paula Boyd is available on amazon Kindle. Have a laugh!



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