Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Success To Fail

By Anthony A. Rego

As a little child when I wanted to move,
I learned that I should crawl.
Yet when I got on my hand and knees,
Again and again I would fall.

But I rose to my knees, each time I fell,
I was determined to get moving.
With every fall, I learned a better way,
Until finally I started crawling.

Now mommy saw, I was starting to learn,
And thought I needed more.
So from the cradle, I was placed on the floor,
I smiled, and crawled away to explore.

Now one day I saw, up on the table,
Something delicious I wanted to eat.
But unfortunately I couldn’t reach,
And I knew it was time to get on my feet.

Both hands and knees were on the ground,
And I’d try to raise my belly.
Yet gradually as I tried to straighten.
Again and again I would fall.

But I rose to my feet each time I fell,
I was determined to start reaching.
With every fall, I learned a better way,
Until finally I started standing.

Now while I was standing, I wanted to move
But every few steps and I stumbled.
So I spread my hands, against the wall,
Yet again and again I would fall.

But I rose to my feet each time I fell
I was determined to start hiking.
With every fall, I learned a better way,
Until finally I started walking.

All day long I walked and I played,
At last I could have some fun.
The more I walked, the better I got,
Until one day, I could actually run.

Bangs and bruises, were the only pain,
Which brought tears to my eyes.
And with every obstacle that came in my path,
I learned; there was a way around.

Now if that wasn’t plenty to my parent’s dismay,
I would try to climb the chairs.
Over and under, up and down.
Not until I fell and hurt my crown.

Memories of my childhood are still with me,
And it taught me an intelligent lesson.
That falling down is not the end,
But one-step higher to achieving.

I have made mistakes all through my life,
A hundred times I’ve failed.
But with every failure I learned a lesson;
A lesson, saying, "There’s a better way".

From a tiny child that could barely move,
We learned how to roll and crawl.
Yet determined to reach the top,
We learned how to stand and walk.

But we didn’t stop there; we learned to run,
Then we learned how to jump and climb.
So why stop now; the stars aren’t high,
Let’s just spread our wings, and fly.


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