Friday, 24 June 2011

Writing To Me Is ...

By Pandora Poikilos

Today's post is in conjunction with the Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour a fantastic blog hop that brings together bloggers of all genres, backgrounds and locations. In today's hop, the blog featured before Peace from Pieces is the eloquent Sulekha. The blog featured after Peace from Pieces is the eclectic Sarah. Do stop by and say hello plus some of us are having giveaways and contests. Enjoy!

I had something completely different planned out for this post when I first came up with the title but bogged down with a bad cold, promoting my current book (Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out), writing my second book (Frequent Traveler) and still being reminded that nothing will ever remove the silent torture of having an incurable medical condition, I re-evaluated my answer.

Writing to me is a lot of things, it is acceptance, love, faith, hope, freedom and peace. All themes I have touched on before. But if I had to pick just one word to complete the sentence, "Writing to me is ..." then I will pick "healing". Yes - Writing to me is healing. When I write, I am not the frail inept woman battling an incurable neurological disorder, I can be anything I set my mind to be without any limitations. I can choose to heal my past hurts, draw out the future and I can show people around me how much they mean to me.

Most of all, I hope I can offer "healing" to someone else who may need it so they too can chin up and keep moving forward. Lord knows I'm literally a few brain nerves short since my diagnosis and shunt surgery but for everything that has been taken from me, I still have the best thing of all, my words.

I've included something I wrote for Peas eons ago, meant for all the people who are our surfboards as we ride the wave. Love and light.
The House
There was a house given to a man
By someone who loved him very much
Maybe because it was so easy
To have received such a gift
Or maybe because he didn't know
What the house needed
The house was eventually, ruined

Slowly, the paint peeled away
The floorboards were torn from its surface
Its windows shattered
Every inch of the house creaked in pain
And mourned for attention
The man in the house didn't seem to care
Just as long as he had his corner

When others came to help
He chased them away
He said the house belonged to him
And no one else will ever have a claim
One by one, they stopped coming
Fearful for what he would do to them
More fearful that he would bring down the house

Sometimes they felt heavy hearted
Other times they wished
He would just go away
Then, one day, their wishes came true
A heavy storm set in
It ripped the house apart even further
So much, that the man must leave

There is no more roof
Bare resemblance to walls
There is only an empty frame.
The usual few come to the house
They have small offerings of paint, wood and hope
But too much needs to be fixed
And they too have their own houses to mend

You, see the house on your way to another
You think, one day long ago, this was a beauty
And one day, soon, you can make it shine again
At times you are hesitant
But more often you are perservering
People are tempted to call you crazy
But piece by piece you give it form

Some days, you step back and think
I've done such good work, I feel good
Just as another piece falls apart
And you think, there's more to be done
Will it ever end, you ask
On other days, you need to only glance
And you'll know, this is home, today and always

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