Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Do As I Say, Not As I Did

By Paula Renaye, Author of The Hardline Self Help Handbook

I had a situation come up recently that had me in a bit of a quandary and turmoil about what to do. I was questioning myself on many levels. What did I really want? What feelings did I think getting the "thing" would give me? Was it an honorable motivation? Was ego playing free and loose with my desires? Did I want an easy way out? What was really going on with me?

You'd think, given my profession, that when indecision, doubt or fear hit, I'd know what to do. Well, I do know! I just didn't do it immediately. It took me a day of soul-searching and friend-burdening to get right back to where I knew I needed to be from the beginning—dealing with the issue myself in my own way (i.e., as described in my own book) (big sigh).

So, finally, I did what I constantly tell everyone else to do—ask questions. As I did, I made myself write down every thought that came to mind, and I kept writing until I got to the deepest level of truth for each question. Once I dug deep enough, I had that "yep, there it is" feeling that we all know so well and I knew what I had really been looking for from the situation—and what to do about it. And with that knowing came an immediate sense of relief.

If there is a situation that is causing you angst of any kind, ask yourself these simple questions—The "Big 4" from The Hardline Self Help Handbook. Now, these questions are going to seem simple and you'll be tempted to just gloss over them, thinking you know the answers. Don't. Write them down and then write your answers and thoughts. Write down anything and everything that comes to mind and stay with it until you get that "ah ha" moment for each.
  • What do you want? (okay, this one is easy!)
  • Why do you want it? (be honest)
  • How will you feel if you get it?
  • How will you feel if you don’t?
You have the answers. You just have to push aside the mental chatter, ask the questions and let the truth come up. Simple!

Just do it quicker than I did this week, okay? There was no reason for me to have stayed "stuck" as I did. None! I had all the answers. You too have your own answers—always!

So, next time, when one of us feels in turmoil about something, let's agree to do what we need to and get out of it sooner than I did this time!

And, let's all live our joy!


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