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Character Interview - Superheroes Wear Faded Denim

Hello wonderful readers of Peace from Pieces. I am Audrey. Law hired me to conduct all her celebrity interviews and today I am interviewing Cassandra Williams. She stars as the sidekick who aids Blissany in the fight for the heart of Don Shimada, a wealthy bachelor, in the fantasy romance novel Superheroes Wear Faded Denim. Cassandra is so fierce!
Just to give you a brief introduction. Cassandra is 6’0 tall with a muscular, dancer’s physique. She studies modern dance at the university level. Her ultimate goal is to destroy her nemesis Demi by molding Blissany into Don’s wet dreams. Need some dating advice ladies? Sexy Sandra knows how to work it.
Now I took this interview in my living room. Bookshelves line every inch of my wall. Thick Victorian styled couches stuffed with pillows encircle a coffee table where two cups of hot chocolate sit. While sitting in such an intimate setting, I boldly asked Cassandra:
What do you think about the war: What war? Oh you’re talking about Don’s dreams. He told me how he dreams about some angels who tell him he’s created specifically to fight the ultimate war against good and evil. Mankind’s resting on his shoulders and everything. Tell you the truth, I started laughing when he told me that. Lord knows I would not want to be caught up in that mess. A war against good and evil? Are you kidding me? How long is a war like that going to last?
It has to be hard for Don. He’s so driven, 4.0 student on the way to an ivy league for his law degree. He volunteers more than anyone I know. Ever since those dreams began, he’s been unfocused. He doesn’t do what he’s passionate about anymore.
Do you believe girls should ever tell a guy they like him: Why not? Be bold, be sexy! Guys can always take it or leave it.
The key though, is not to have high expectations with guys. They like the chase, and a lot will always make it known when they like a girl. Yet if it doesn’t work out, who cares? There’s so many guys out there. You’ll never see me crying in my pillow.
What is your most prized possession: It has to be my dance shoes.
Why do you dislike Demi so much? What makes Blissany a better choice: Have you met Demi? She is too crazy for the insane asylum.
Demi used to date my brother, Malik. He left her in the gutter when he started seeing what I saw. Now Demi is Blissany’s best friend since way back. Even went to middle school together. Blissany meets Don, this wealthy, athletic, suave guy, at a party. They start connecting. What does Demi do?
You guessed it. She totally storms thunder and lightening on Blissany’s parade, stealing Don out from under her.
Now Don and I have history. He’s my best friend, and I was not about to let what happened to Malik happen to him.
If you had to be famous, what would it be for: Girl, I am famous. I’m the daughter of a prima ballerina and an internationally-acclaimed opera singer. I’ve been in the limelight all my life. I went to college to get a break.
If you had to leave on a road trip right now for a week, which friend would you take with you? Why: I’ll tell you who I wouldn’t take. Demi.
Should you keep secrets from a spouse? Why or why not: Every time I put on make-up, do my hair, wax, and leave the room to perform natural body functions I keep a secret.
My philosophy is, keep the secrets you would not mind your spouse keeping from you.
In what way or area do you think women are superior to men: In every way. It does piss me off though how men can roll into the dance studio for the first time at 18 and then become the next Merce Philip Cunningham. I don’t believe it’s impossible for a woman to do the same. It’s just we’re constantly told we can’t.
Who was the best kisser you ever dated: I so want to say my fiancĂ©e, but I’m going to keep that a secret.
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