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Deidre Havrelock - How Would You Change the Publishing World?

Given unlimited resources, how would you change the publishing world?
By Deidre Havrelock

The publishing world has already changed for the better. With the ebook, authors are now able to truly learn the business of publishing. It may be easy to stick a bunch of wonderful words into the format of an ebook, but it’s difficult to search for the right editor, get the proof reading done, and find your readers—along with discovering good marketing avenues. 

The ebook is as much a teaching tool as it is a means of communicating and entertaining. It’s helping writers to become entrepreneurs. What self-published writers need now are organized editors who can sell themselves to us based on what genre they edit. After all, an editor who primarily edits romance is not always the best choice for memoir. I’d like to be able to enter a website where numerous editors highlight their strengths and provide endorsements from past clients (authors). Great editors are needed more than ever. I think editors will eventually replace the role of agents. If you find a great editor, you’ll want to keep her for life.

As far as standard publishing houses go, and I’ve worked with a publishing house before, the one thing that seemed shockingly absent from the “relationship” was just that—a relationship. I became further and further removed from my work. In effect, I handed over a book and was never consulted on it again. I’m a great force for marketing, but in order for me to help I have to be looked at as a valuable asset. Which means bringing an author into a marketing meeting right at the get go. I’d like to see publishing houses look at all their author relationships, even the new ones, more in terms of partnerships. I’d also like to see author royalties go up (but not necessarily advances).

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8. The Cat That Barked (Short Story)
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